Does Trump wear a toupée?

—Wigging Out with Curiosity (United States)


I am going to answer this question generally and not specifically about anyone in particular because I prefer to only look at personal questions when people request information about themselves or about things more personally relevant to their own lives.

Many people may think some people wear toupees if someone’s hair looks a little bit unnatural, whether it looks unusually full or somehow artificial in other ways. My understanding is that some of the early hair-replacement operations tended to have results that looked a bit artificial because the early hair implants put the individual hair follicles in straight rows rather than staggering them in patterns more commonly found in nature. That could be one possible reason why sometimes people believe that some men and women are wearing hairpieces.

If there are any hair-transplant specialists out there who would like to comment generally (but not about one specific person), please do so. Would love to hear your input as I am not a hair-transplant specialist.

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