I am having trouble breastfeeding. Do you have any tips for that?

–Having Difficulty (United States)



I suggest asking your OB/GYN or your doula, or ask them if they have a breastfeeding consultant who can watch you with your baby and demonstrate some tips.

Energetically, it can help if you intend to release any control energy you no longer need and just allow yourself to be and visualize and set the intention of the milk flowing freely from your breast into the baby’s mouth.

If you want to, you can also imagine your whole body and surrounding aura layers as well as the milk inside of you overflowing with love and you can let the baby feed on the love in the milk as it is flowing from you.

Enjoy this beautiful time together with your baby.



Sometimes when I get together with people (even people that I like), I tend to take on their energy and feel drained or heavy. How do I handle my energy so I don’t take on other people’s stuff?

–S.L. (United States)



That’s very common, especially for people sensitive to energy, to take on other people’s energies inadvertently. One great way you can protect your energy is to imagine putting energetic boundary roses on each side of you (and above and below you). Each morning, put a fresh set of energetic roses around you and let any energy from other people be absorbed into the roses so that the roses absorb the energy, not you. When the roses get full of energy, you can imagine exploding them and creating a brand-new set of roses. You can even do that when you’re on the phone by putting a rose between you and the phone, or between you and the computer when you’re working on the computer.

Play with that and see how you feel. Have fun!



I have a friend who till relatively recently meant the world to me but I have hugely grown and grown up as a person and I see her more for who she really is now.

I know now that I am easily her equal and no longer need a teacher/counselor (though she’d like to keep me in this position). Then when I look at her side of the friendship it’s based on her trying constantly to get me to use my spiritual gifts for her gratification (though she disguises it as a big need); or dumping her emotional stuff on me and generally trying to get me to her level of being–sad, frustrated, angry, lonely, etc.

On my side of the friendship, I used to get in touch with her when I felt I couldn’t cope with life as my mother never listened so I’ve always turned to other strong women. I need also to change this. How do I feel like I’m enough for myself to be able to cope with the emotional reactions I have without reaching out to others?

I fear her reaction as my mother shows rage and subsequent withholding of love I have been petrified of when I stand up to her. So my friend is a mirror. I want to find the courage not only to speak my truth but to also stand my ground and not shake inside or feel bad. I want to break this lifelong behavior pattern.

Also how do I discover what remains of our friendship when I make changes based on the above?

–M.L. (Switzerland)


It’s great you’re looking at both sides of the relationship as well as what you have to learn from this relationship. That’s an essential skill for any solid relationship.

The most important thing is for you to hold your space and be who you are—a strong woman in your power. Do this and your friend will either rise up to meet you at this new vibration or fall away. Sometimes, too, people have to withdraw for a little while first before they can meet up with you later at your true vibration.

Also, don’t resist any energies as far as her dumping energies on you. She can do that all she wants but it will only stick if you allow it to or if you resist those energies. Just validate your wholeness and love and power and see her as a whole and divine being as well and you can best enjoy her company (or not) while understanding both of you are divine beings in bodies and that you both are teachers in some areas and students in some, as we all are. In spirit there is no competition—no better than or less than, only wholeness and divinity. Keep validating that wholeness in yourself and in her and she can choose to match that more easily in her expression of her spririt in the physical plane.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.





I have such deep emotions, and I don’t know what to do with them.  Most of my daily existence is tinged with an undercurrent of sadness, and then sometimes I do things out of rage that I later regret deeply.  How can I deal with these strong emotions?

–S.R. (United States)



It’s great you’re allowing yourself to feel these intense emotions. During the current intense energies, many are turning to drink, drugs, constant mindless entertainment, and other distractions to try to escape from these intense energies, but that doesn’t ultimately help us make productive changes for the long run.

First of all, know that you are not alone. So many people on the planet have been feeling these huge energy shifts, one after another. Sometimes we can feel like we’re drowning in a tsunami and feeling like we’re finally coming up for air when we get hit with another big wave. Astrologically, we’re working up to a Grand Cross, and things will continue to get more intense, particularly over the next couple months. What’s happening on an energetic level is we’re being pushed to align our lives with our authentic selves, and something’s got to give. We’re also in the process of releasing a lot of old energies that no longer serve us, from this life and from way before this lifetime even.

Second, when you allow yourself to feel the grief and release it, you might notice that, as you release each layer of grief, you may find layers of anger underneath. Also notice how you can change your life little by little to create more peace, more joy, and more fulfillment.

Sometimes we settle into a way of living that doesn’t really fit who we are as spirit, with pressures from others as well as pressures that we put on ourselves because we think that’s how we’re supposed to live. I’m sensing this is an opportunity for you to take stock of how you’re living, really examine what parts work and don’t work, and start to make gradual changes to build a life that really fits you, with the help of counselling.

Another thing you might want to do is to channel these intense feelings you’re experiencing into some sort of creative expression—painting, sculpture, dance, or music. Really allow yourself to feel and experience these emotions and transmute them through a medium that resonates for you.



My psychic gifts are quite developed and I find I can know a lot about a situation or a person through using them. I can ask particular questions and then see psychic pictures about people that tell me what’s going on or I see and feel an energy I read that gives me the same result. I also can contact the spirit of people and ask them questions. Sometimes someone’s talking about their friend for example and I get images of what that friend feels or thinks. Do I pass that on?

But I am equally very aware that you can accumulate bad karma by misusing your psychic abilities. And as that’s not working for the light obviously it is not somewhere I want to go….When would it be considered as misuse by the Universe/God to use your gifts? Where do you draw the line?

Also how do you shut down your gifts when you want time out?

–J.P. (New Zealand)



That is wonderful you are developing your gifts as well as contemplating how to use them in a positive way.

As far as getting psychic hits when someone’s talking about their friends, it’s not always helpful to pass them on. Look at the energy case by case of whether or not it is appropriate, helpful, or even wanted in each situation. Even when you’re accurate, some people do not want to know. Especially when you are accurate! Ha ha.

And that is an important question about what it means to use your gifts for good. Generally, I would say never use your psychic abilities to manipulate or control others. Also, never spy on anyone psychically. Those are the kinds of things that generally create the kind of karma you don’t want.

The intention is the most important. If someone is missing and thought to be in danger and you’re trying to help them, it’s okay to check in psychically if you have permission on a spirit level from them and maybe their family has asked you to help find them. If, however, you’re simply curious about what someone you like (or don’t like) is doing, doing remote viewing or psychic surveillance on them is not good psychic etiquette. If you have any doubts that anything you’re thinking of doing is okay, don’t do it.

As someone that works as an intuitive and healer, I always turn down my psychic space, including turning down my sixth chakra, when I am not in session by consciously setting that intention when I am done with each session. I find that I have more than enough to look at in myself rather than paying attention to all the energies around me when I am not in session.

Don’t worry that you will miss any hits you need necessary for your survival—if you stay grounded in yourself, you will know anything you need to know, like maybe you forgot to turn off the stove or you need to call your mom.

Have fun with this! Congratulations on really delving into how to best use your gifts for the light.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.






Today we have a very special gift. I asked healer and award-winning musician John Saxon to do a group piano reading specifically for us. A piano reading is like a psychic reading, but rather than receiving images to describe, John receives music that he then plays on the piano.  It faithfully renders your deepest, truest self in piano music form, bringing your hidden gold to consciousness. Read more about his work at Http:// You can also email him at to find out more about his work or to commission a piano reading for you as an individual or for someone special.



What do you think about love spells and do they work?

–Wanting Love (Brazil)


Although love spells do work sometimes, I do not recommend them nor do I perform them for clients that come for energy work. Doing love spells can interfere with a person’s free will, pulling a person’s energy or influencing it in a way that I don’t believe is ethical. Also, doing a love spell on someone is, I believe, creating unwanted karma for yourself.

Instead of doing a love spell, perhaps you might want to ask the Universe to bring into your life the person who is of your divine right. Also, create the energy first for yourself of love and a loving relationship with yourself in order to create the optimal energy for a relationship that matches this love vibration to come into your life. And, of course, do the practical basics such as getting out into the world (even through the Internet on an online dating site if that feels right to you) where people can meet you and have the opportunity to fall in love with you.

Validate the love you have, including for yourself, and even more love will find you in divine time.



What are some really good ways to strengthen our energy bodies?

–T.A. (England)

Dear T.A.:

Strengthening your energy body is just as important as maintaining your physical body. There are many components of the energy body and many ways, but some basics for starters include grounding, running your energy, and doing things that help strengthen and integrate your physical and energy bodies (yoga, tai chi and qi gong, acupuncture, as just a few examples). (If you want some free meditations on how to ground and run your energy, please email to request the free recordings and I will send them to you.)

Also, it’s very important to exercise your physical body as well. Some people that are interested in energy can sometimes focus all of their attention on their spirit or their energy bodies without providing proper exercise and movement for their physical bodies, but physical movement and care of the physical body (healthy nutrients and foods) are very important to the energy body as well.

Likewise, training your energy body can help with physical health and performance. That’s why it helps for athletes to imagine their energetic kinesthetic bodies training or going through a dance routine, or why it helps musicians if they practice on an “air piano” even when they’re not on a real piano, or why it helps someone who has been in an accident if they can imagine their bodies moving, practicing moving their energy bodies even when they cannot yet move their physical bodies. We are, after all, spirits in a physical plane.

Thanks for asking this important question.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.



Today I just broke up a friendship. I moved to a small town in the Midwest and have been very careful when it came to friendships (as small towns always involve gossip) and I became close friends with someone that I knew did not have many friends in town, which I never understood because she is a nice person. After a while, it became hard for me to be friends with her, especially after I became close friends with other people who were not huge fans of her. It was hard for me to be neutral and in the middle of this “war” and I just wanted to avoid these things.

Tonight I mentioned to her how I felt pressure being friends with her as it was hard to stay in the middle of what was going on and being friends with both sides. The friendship ended and it was sad to have to “choose” a side. In one way, that was a relief, but what was hard was what she said about me as we were breaking up the friendship. I got upset about the comments she made about me, what she thought about me.

I would like to ask if that decision was right and also some comments about why I felt this way. Was it because of her judgment? Of her projecting things on me?

–A.T. (United States)


Perhaps this is an opportunity to practice feeling and knowing what is best for you and holding your space in complicated social groups. Human relationships are very complex when there are just two people, and even more so when you factor in a group of people.

If you were still enjoying hanging out with this former friend (other than feeling conflicted about other people not liking her), you might want to look at the peer pressure (energetic or otherwise, or even the pressure you put on yourself) to disengage from this person.

If you still enjoyed hanging out with her other than because of the outside energies, it could have been a good opportunity to practice holding your space and still loving her and hanging out with her and allowing others to have their own opinions while not having to take responsibility or to choose a side or heal this situation but, rather, simply enjoying being her friend and continuing to do so.

You might want to meditate on why what she said to you stings and lingers. Is there some truth to her comment? Or are you simply resisting her judgments of you? Or a little of both? Look at it and release what needs to go and this will help you have beautiful solid relationships with yourself and with others that are true soul friends.

Also, you might want to check out and do the Hawaiian healing technique of ho’oponopono (see also for information on Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona’s technique. Perhaps she is reflecting to you where you have abandoned parts of yourself to make others more comfortable with you. Doing this exercise will heal where you have rejected parts of yourself and abandoned parts of yourself and bring them into wholeness and love.

Thanks for having the courage to really look at this to discover your spirit’s truth about the situation. Wishing you much love and the joy of discovering more of yourself.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.



I liked your response yesterday to the person who was asking about how to communicate with dogs. I am a cat lover. Would you recommend the same thing for communicating with cats?

–Cat lover (United States)


The techniques are basically the same for communicating with cats as with dogs, so you can use the techniques I mentioned in yesterday’s response. The main difference is that, when you’re communicating with cats, play with communicating and sending pictures more from your crown chakra (at the crown of your head) to their crown chakra (located at the crown of their head).

Also one interesting fact about cats is that they are excellent at holding space. Basically that means that they are very good at cleaning the energy of a space like a home or business and at holding the vibration of certain spaces.

Have fun communicating with your cat.


DEAR DALI MAMA: I have seen animal communicators on TV. How do I communicate better with my dog?

–Not Versed in Doggie Language (Canada)


Start practicing and do it all the time. You’ll get better over time and your dog will surely appreciate the effort. Trust the hits you get as far as communication your dog gives you.

Also, with dogs, it’s important to communicate from your heart and from the fourth chakra (center of the chest near the physical heart) as well as the fifth chakra (which is located in the throat). Also, practice communicating with mental pictures, not just with words. For example, if you’re trying to communicate to your dog you will be out of town for three nights and the dogsitter will come to the house, transmit from your mind a visual picture of you leaving with a suitcase, the dogsitter coming to the house and staying there, with the sun and moon for three cycles, then you driving up to the house and coming in and petting your dog.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the love vibration of communicating with your dog. Dogs are experts on love!

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.




I am regarded by many people as a spiritual teacher. In fact, it appears to be my calling. But I do not promote myself as such because I feel that some authority, particularly my own teacher, must first confer the status of teacher upon me–give me the “go ahead”–for it to be valid. This process may not be required at all, as we do see lots of self-styled guru-types pop up everywhere. This idea does keep self-aggrandizing in check effectively, however. On the other hand, I also have to consider how much people do appreciate what I offer, as well as how much fear and doubt may play their roles, too, in holding me back. Fear and doubt are as full of ego as self-aggrandizement. I wonder what advice you would give someone in this situation?

–Robert (Turkey)


You sound like a true teacher to me, as you have a strong and healthy balance of the recognition of what you can offer with the self-awareness that we all have more to learn.

Being a teacher means stepping up as a leader, and that means recognizing the inherent wisdom and experience that you can share with others. Also, moving forward as a teacher in your own right (without the need for validation and permission from anybody) is the greatest proof that your teacher did a great job.

Being a true teacher, you must also model for people what it looks like to own your knowingness and power from within. That is ultimately what a true leader and teacher must do, as those at the forefront are often not recognized (and are in fact sometimes spurned) for their beliefs when they are ahead of the curve from the general public, which leaders generally are.

Shine with all of your God-given light and gifts and share with joy all that you have to teach, by example as well as in any other venue.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.

Photographer Marcus Radcliffe, The Butterfly Whisperer, from Australia for today’s Sunday Share

Photographer Marcus Radcliffe from Australia travels around the world, doing photography of nature, landscape, and more. I call him the butterfly whisperer because of his beautiful connection with butterflies, the symbol of transformation. Marcus says, “This is what happens when I ask God if I can take pictures of butterflies. I say if I’m God and the butterfly’s God, then come land on this flower so I can take a picture and that’s exactly what’s happens. Even if the picture doesn’t come out clear, I tell it to come back so I can get the perfect picture and that’s the story. Happy days. Work’s a treat. Loving life. It works if you believe.”








I really want to meet someone but have been single for a long time. How do a meet someone?

–Lonely (United States)


Start first by loving yourself and creating a life that you love. Focus on the love you have in your life—love of friends, family, etc.

Also think about what qualities you are looking for in an ideal relationship—both big picture and day-to-day details, and create space and energetically invite the right person in to show up for the relationship.

You also might want to make sure you go to places where you can meet people—clubs where you can meet people with common interests, volunteering, and just being out in the world where you can meet nice folks—friends and otherwise. Many people would really like to meet people but don’t actually go anywhere other than work and home where people can get to know them. Maybe also host some parties and you might meet people that come with friends or meet other people when you get invited to parties.

Know that you are love and you will meet the right person in divine timing.



How do you break a bad habit?

–Wondering (United States)


Well, there are specific things according the specific type of bad habit, but I’ll just answer generally and you can ask another question about a specific habit if you want to.

With habits such as smoking or caffeine or sugar, for example, start with looking at the triggers that make you want to smoke or ingest caffeine or sugar. Smoking, caffeine, and sugar are all habits that pop you out of your body. Alcohol or drugs as well.

So when you’re starting to get in touch with the emotional or psychic pain you’re holding in your body, you may want to smoke or do other things to pop out of your body as a way to cope with the pain. Unfortunately, with habits like that, the pain is still in your body when you come back in, and so the energies you want to escape only get compounded.

So instead of reaching for a cigarette or other substance, notice the energies that make you want to pop out, sit with those energies a while and do any processing you need to, and give them space to eventually release.

Have fun ending any habits that don’t support your wellness and prosperity!

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