I’ve had this same job for 18 years but now I feel so unmotivated. They pay is good and the people are nice but sometimes I just want to scream. I don’t know what else I’d do if I left though, or how I would pay the bills. Do you have any suggestions?

–Am I Lazy or What? (United States)

A very wise man and teacher, Michael Tamura, once told me that motivation doesn’t disappear. It just goes somewhere else.

Follow your motivation to wherever it has gone. What excites you? What would you love to do? Then start doing it, even as a hobby and see where it leads. You don’t have to quit your job for now. Just start exploring and follow your heart. It may lead you to some miracles.

Have fun cultivating your passion.




Is it possible that there is a part of my soul that is wandering around in another body? I get the weird feeling that this is happening for me. Am I crazy?

–??? (United States)

Dear ???:

It is indeed possible. Sometimes pieces of your soul might be in other times or even in other bodies that are wandering around doing their own thing. A good example of soul efficiency and delegation, if you will. Sometimes you can get more done with two bodies/lives than with one.

So much is possible that the human cannot even begin to comprehend.

Trust your intuition.




What do you recommend for training dogs? I’m thinking about getting a dog but I’ve never had a dog before.

–Puppy Lover (United States)


Congratulations for thinking about this BEFORE getting a dog. How you set the tone and provide a good foundation for a long life together with your dog are essential.

Once you establish a relationship with your dog and train your dog properly, you might even want to consider getting a second dog if, for example, the dog would be alone during the daytime while you’re at work. That way, your dog would have a pal to hang out with while you’re gone.

First, research what kind of dog you want so you can pick a dog that is a good match for you. Some dogs need tons of exercise, which is great if you’re an avid hiker or walker but not so great if you aren’t, for example.

Next, check out Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. He has a TV show and books and DVDs that you can learn a lot from to prepare for your dog.

Also, communicate with your dog’s spirit and be consistent and communicate in psychic pictures as much as possible in a vibration of love and certainty. You might want to also invite in the spirit of a dog who is a great match for you (and think about what that looks like for you) so the right dog can show up for you.

Wishing you a wonderful life with your dog, who is very lucky to be with someone like you.




John Carey is a wonderful singer and songwriter with a diverse range of music, including some beautiful spiritual songs.

Here’s one of his songs I love, although it’s a very basic recording. His musicianship shines through.

And here’s another one:



This is kind of a stupid question. Nobody wants to sleep with me. Women find me really creepy. But I don’t see where I’m any different than my buddies who say the same kinds of things or dress the same way or drive the same kinds of cars or have the same sorts of jobs or whatever the hell else.  But women go off with them and one even told my friend that I am creepy. What do YOU think is going on?

–What the $@C!? (United States)


Congratulations on taking a look at this. Many people would not have the courage to look at this and would simply dismiss it and not deal with it.

“Creepiness” doesn’t really have anything to do with clothes or car or jobs per se although certain things can contribute to a creepy vibe.

Maybe one of the things that is going on is that women are noticing things on an energetic level, which may not even have to do with your own authentic energy.

When I have met people who had a creepy vibe, usually what was happening was one or more of the following:

1)    They were unaware of what their energy was doing and they were cording other people energetically (hooking into their energy and sometimes sucking it sort like an energy vampire) and/or their energy was invasive and not respecting of the other person’s boundaries. In this case, it’s helpful to meditate regularly and keep intending to call all your energy back to you in divine form and intend to release any cords. Also release any anger, any resistance, and any “creepy energy” and any other energy that is not yours and intend to fill in your body and aura layers with your true divine energy.

2)    They had other people’s creepy energy absorbed into and running through their bodies, making them seem creepy. For example, if you’ve been on a fishing boat, cleaning fish or just riding on the boat, you’d probably come home with your body and your hair and your clothes smelling like fish even if you aren’t a fish. Which would require you to take a shower and wash your clothes before you no longer smelled fishy. Fortunately, you can do the same thing with your energy, cleaning off energy that’s not yours, by meditating or getting a healing.

3)    Sometimes people carry around pictures that get stuck on them that they resist and they attract even more pictures in a similar vibration. For example, maybe one day, someone a long time ago told you that you were creepy or you heard them say their were creepy and you resisted that because of course who wants to be thought of as creepy? But when you resist the picture that gets in your space that you unconsciously wear around on your auras, it attracts even more creepy pictures or maybe people just notice the big old creepy picture on you and mistakenly think that you are creepy. Try not to resist being thought of as creepy and just keep validating the beautiful clean, respectful, light spirit you are inside and it’ll act like Teflon for any creepy pictures that happen to be stuck to you.

Have fun developing and seeing and showing the real you.



What do you recommend for training dogs? I’m thinking about getting a dog but I’ve never had a dog before.

–Puppy Lover (United States)


Congratulations for thinking about this BEFORE getting a dog. How you set the tone and provide a good foundation for a long life together with your dog is essential.

Once you establish a relationship with your dog and train your dog properly, you might even want to consider getting a second dog if, for example, the dog would be alone during the daytime while you’re at work. That way, your dog would have a pal to hang out with while you’re at work.

First, research what kind of dog you want to get so you can ensure that you can pick a dog that is a good match for you. Some dogs need tons of exercise, which is great if you’re an avid hiker or walker but not so great if you aren’t.

Next, check out Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. He has a show and books and DVDs.

Also, communicate with your dog’s spirit and be consistent and communicate in psychic pictures as much as possible in a vibration of love and certainty.

Wishing you a wonderful life with your dog, who is very lucky to be with someone like you.



I had a healing with this shaman and I’ve felt really awful since then. What’s going on?

–Feeling Worse than Before (Brazil)


Sometimes when someone gives you a “healing” but the energy isn’t really clean or the healer isn’t truly aware of what’s happening with the energies, sometimes you could be affected by foreign energies or your etheric body may be damaged and you may feel worse than you did before the healing.

Sometimes, however, a person may feel worse after a wonderful healing for a period of time, usually immediately after to a few days or longer. We call this a “growth period,” a period of time during which you continue to release the old energies that needed to go while your body integrates the new shifts in energies.  The most intense part of the growth period is usually no longer than a week or so, but a milder form of the growth period may continue months.

For example, if you released grief during the healing, you may feel more emotional or raw. If you released anger, you might feel irritable for a while. Some people experience growth periods as a time where they feel spacy or tired or wired and agitated. If you’re experiencing a growth period, just keep validating the healing process and stay neutral to the energies you’re releasing. If you resist them, they tend to get stuck again.

If you feel that you’re not in a growth period but actually had some energetic damage done to you, please see a reputable healer that you trust who can help repair any damage.



I just started dating someone and my dog, who usually likes everybody, really hates my new boyfriend. She starts growling and barking at him. I’ve never seen her react like that to anyone else. Should I find a dog trainer? What should I do?

–Wondering What’s Going On (Australia)


If your dog never acts like this with anyone else, pay attention. If your dog has seen you with other boyfriends and has not acted aggressively, she is probably trying to tell you something. If she has never seen you with a boyfriend before, she might just be protective or even jealous. Sit down and try to communicate with your dog about what she is trying to tell you. Notice, too, if there are particular times she barks at your boyfriend. Notice also how your boyfriend treats your dog. She might be trying to alert you to various energies coming through him that you’re not aware of. Or she may be trying to let you know something about your boyfriend in general.

I wouldn’t worry about a dog trainer just yet but keep an eye on how things are going and call one if you need to. 

Thank your dog for her communication. Most of all, though, pay attention to your own intuition and your own knowingness in response to your boyfriend.



I am 36 years old and have a new boyfriend after having been single for a few years. I find intercourse painful every time and wonder what suggestions you might have. I almost want to give up dating but maybe there is another way.

–Embarrassed (England)


Please continue dating. There is no reason this has to keep you from being in a relationship.

Keep communicating with your boyfriend. If he’s the one for you, he’ll understand and work through this with you.

First of all, talk to your doctor or health-care professional to ensure there’s not a physical issue that needs to be addressed. There are a number of possible medical causes for this, so talk to your doctor about possible causes and solutions.

If there are no particular medical conditions, start by experimenting with the following:

1)    Be sure to use condoms and practice safe sex.

2)    Engage in lots of foreplay and wait till you feel completely comfortable and turned on before penetration, and use plenty of lubricant.

3)    When you’re not sexually active and your hormone levels could be changing, it may help to keep everything nicely elastic on your own while you’re single. It’s generally easier to keep things maintained through regular sex (including with yourself even when you are not with a partner). However, you can still get your body used to accommodating something inside of you with yourself or with your partner, perhaps starting with something smaller like maybe a finger, then two, etc. Medical vaginal dilator kits are also available, and you can go up in size gradually, getting your body used to accommodating something inside of you until you can physically enjoy intercourse with your new boyfriend without discomfort.

On an energetic level, release any fear or blocks about intimacy and any energy that doesn’t serve you between you and your partner as well as any fears about being vulnerable or getting hurt. Then reset your sexual space to comfort and ease and pleasure.

Enjoy the journey!




I have been working at my company for seven years. I got promoted recently and now I feel very awkward with my former workmates, who are now working under me. How should I handle this transition? I’m not quite sure what to do. I still want to socialize with them but I feel like I can’t.

–In Transition (United States)


When your position changes within your workplace, it can be a bit of an adjustment. This is a good opportunity to show your leadership in other ways than just managing work activities. Be friendly yet professional. This means you may have to interact with your former colleagues differently. Don’t engage in any sort of gossip. Treat everyone with respect but you may have distance yourself socially from any close personal relationships so you don’t seem to be playing favorites. You might want to also ask your former coworkers for suggestions for your department as well as for feedback. Get to know your new peers more (people in the same corporate levels as you, etc.).  Once you’re really settled in your new position and have had a chance to do thorough research while in your new position, you can start to gradually make changes at work. Finally, really own your new position—the authority and the right to do your new job well, having done your former job successfully and worked your way up. On an energetic level, this will help set the tone for your new job and will help your former colleagues see you as a leader in your new role.

Enjoy your new position!


“Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose.”

Friday Night Lights



What’s the best way to meet someone?

–Eager for Love (United States)


1)    Go out into the world sometimes where you can be found so people can meet you.

2)    Be yourself.

3)    Be interested in others and what they have to say and enjoy genuinely getting to know different people as individuals, not just as a potential romantic partner but as a person.

4)    Open your heart.

5)    Have fun. When you’re having fun, others will likely respond and want to have fun with you. And remember this once you’re in a relationship: KEEP HAVING FUN.



I live in a building that has six condominiums and have been here for twelve years. I am fortunate to have a good relationship with our neighbors in each unit.

Here is the situation: The condo directly above my home is a rental unit. The landlord (who has owned this unit for about 35 years) refuses to invest any money into the upkeep of this unit. The windows are broken and held together with tape. All of the appliances are very old models while the dishwasher and the clothes washer are not usable. The furnace, hot-water heater, and the bathroom plumbing are all in very bad shape. The tenant has lived without hot water or a properly functioning toilet for extended periods of time. The wall-to-wall carpeting is smelly, greasy, and stained. In short, the whole apartment is a total eyesore.

The tenant of this unit is indifferent to the condo’s condition. He is content with his living situation because the monthly rent is cheap–a bargain in this high-rent town.

I have two questions: 1) Will this condo ever be sold to a new owner who will care for the property? If so, how soon? 2) Will the current tenant (a chain smoker who has lived there for about 11 years) ever move out? If so, how soon?

Living here has been a practice of tolerance and patience, and for that I am grateful. It would be wonderful to have a neighbor who cherished living in a beautiful home. Thank you for your insight!

–Leena in Paradise, USA


First of all, congratulations for recognizing the teachings of your situation.

As an intuitive who believes in the power of every individual to shift the energy of a situation, I never “predict” a particular outcome or timeline because every choice we make changes the future. Likewise, every time we shift the energy in ourselves and in each situation, we are shaping the future as well.

With this in mind, there are a few practical and energetic things you can do. You might want to start by contacting the Homeowners Association or Condo Association if there is one for your condominium. If they cannot assist you, you might want to contact the city and see what they can do. Some of the conditions of the unit above that you describe may not adhere to minimum-standard health codes.

As far as what you can do to energetically shift the situation, start by releasing any resistance to the current state of the unit above and to the tenant in it, and shift the energy to neutrality and, if you can, amusement.

Next, release any energetic matches you have to the property and to the current tenant and the tenant’s landlord. For example, one energetic match could be any resistance you have towards spending money on creating a living environment that is beautiful and supportive of you. Another energetic match could be resistance to the necessity of spending money to maintain anything on the physical plane (perhaps your own resistance to beautifying your place or spending money on making repairs to your place or even resistance to the landlord’s resistance to spending money on the adjoining unit, or also things like resistance to spending money on maintaining your body’s physical health such as not wanting to pay to see a dentist or to get your hair cut or to get new glasses). Just intend to release any matches and notice what energies come up for you.

Once you’ve released your energetic matches to the property upstairs and to its tenant and landlord, fill yourself up with havingness of beauty and a physical support system for your body, your home, and for your life. Validate the beauty of your own living space and start delighting and rejoicing in your living environment and even, as you pay bills to live in and maintain or improve your living space, pay them with joy and appreciation, validating the worth of the space you live in and validating your ability to pay for a beautiful space with a heart full of joy.

Finally, keep raising the vibration of your home and the space above it by validating your home and the unit above you. Shifting the vibration of your space and the space above you will shift the energy so that both the landlord and the tenant may either match that raised vibration or may want to make them leave that vibration, making space for a new landlord and tenant that can match that high vibration. A simple example of this is when one person paints their house or plants a nice flower garden, it inspires the other neighbors to do the same thing because it looks so beautiful.

Enjoy the journey and living in paradise!



My fiancée and I recently got engaged. Our wedding is planned for next Spring. Ever since I proposed, she’s gone a little crazy with the wedding plans. The cost is spiraling out of control and so many people are on the invite list and I feel like when I give feedback about a few things I want for the wedding, the plans are railroaded by her and her posse and I’m feeling scared this is a glimpse of what is to come in my future. Please advise.

–Nervous Groom-to-Be (United States)


It’s completely natural to be nervous when you are making a lifelong commitment. Start by communicating with your fiancée about your reservations and how you feel like the wedding plans are getting out of control and that your wishes aren’t really being respected as far as what you’d like for the wedding. Understand that she might just be so excited, she’s not thinking straight.

Once you’ve had these conversations, including possibly, about how you’d rather invest in your life together than have an enormous wedding (maybe have money towards a down payment for a house rather than put out so much for a one-day ceremony), notice how she reacts. You might also want to see a relationship counselor together before or during these discussions to ensure you both can learn how to communicate clearly and grow as a couple.

If you still feel you’re not being heard and your wishes aren’t taken into account at all, then spend time meditating on your relationship and on whether you want to move forward with the wedding. You might even want to postpone the wedding so you both have a chance to work more on building an unbreakable foundation for your life together before you enter into this lifelong commitment together. This is a chance for you to still back out before you pledge your lives to each other. Keep in mind, also, that many catering companies and hosting facilities will not return any of your deposit, so you might want to wait until you are sure you will move forward before putting down a deposit for any of the wedding costs.

Give it your best but also recognize that she must be willing to give it her best as well for you to grow together in a relationship that will last a lifetime. Keep in mind, too, that every relationship takes work, no matter how well suited a couple is. EVERY relationship.

It is good you have a year before the wedding is planned so you have time to work on your relationship together and really make sure this is what you both want. You might feel guilty breaking the engagement but guilt is not a good reason to move forward if it comes to the point that you know this is not the right situation for you. Also, it is kinder to break things off earlier if you know it is not the right match for you rather than later down the road when you have kids or are even more enmeshed.

Your courage to look at this is wonderful. Use that courage to see if you and your fiancée can get really honest with each other and put your relationship on a solid, forever-lasting track. If it can’t, use that courage to let both she and you free to find someone whose values and needs aligns with each other more.



I am a guy who is maybe 20 pounds overweight. My wife is always on me about losing weight although technically she’s maybe 20 pounds overweight as well. What’s the deal? I think she’s hot at any weight but I feel like she’s always picking on me, especially as she’s not a stick either. And I wonder if she thinks I don’t look hot like this and if that’s why she keeps nagging me about my weight.

–Feeling Picked on (United States)


A couple things could be happening. She could be concerned about your health and, in an effort to push you towards your optimal health, is pursuing this goal in a way that feels very invalidating to you.

Another possibility is that maybe she wishes she was closer to her own healthy weight and is in resistance to her own extra weight that she carries. Instead of dealing with her own desire to be thinner or healthier, maybe she is directing her resistance to extra weight in your direction, which is no doubt not terribly fun.

Why don’t you reset the tone of this conversation? Like suggesting to her instead of her pointing out your extra weight, it would behoove you both to focus more on the positive and create a plan for the end goal. For example, maybe you could enjoy more fun social activities together like hiking, camping, dancing, bicycling, or joining a community softball group or something. Also you could check out some cooking classes or recipes that focus on healthy eating and make delicious concoctions together that will offer you healthy fats while helping you drop unhealthy fats and cholesterol, etc. Then you can both have fun living a healthy lifestyle together while simply enjoying yourselves.

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