I need to renter the workplace soon, after having done unconventional work for the past 2 1/2 years and had some time out. I really don’t want to do office work anymore (I find it soul destroying) even though that’s what my strength on paper is.  How do I go about manifesting a different type of work, something I have never done before, completely tailored to my needs and that pays abundantly?  S.P. (from the United Kingdom)


I applaud your courage in changing careers.

What do you love to do so much that time disappears when you’re doing it? Remember too the things you used to do as a kid when hours would go by without you noticing. Write those things down and start from there. For example, if your passion is movies, write down “Movies” and think about where you can go from there. What aspect of movies do you love the most?

If you love to watch movies and analyze them, you could start your own movie-review blog. If you do a good job consistently and get it out there, you can bring in revenue or even syndicate your column.

If you’d like to make movies, start by doing a short and posting it on YouTube. One of my clients made their own short animation for fun, posted it on YouTube and aired it on public TV, and got a lucrative offer from an international movie-production company. These days, many people’s phones can produce decent-quality shorts that can be edited on your computer. Modern-day technology offers us a miraculous democratization of creative expression and foray into worldwide access and resources without a lot of additional expense–something that was not readily available to previous generations.

Another option is to take your administrative skills and experience and use them to segue it into a field a little closer to your passion. For example, you could apply as an administrative person in a production company or a talent agency, then try to work your way up from the inside into being promoted as a script reader or whatever you’d like to do as the next step. Although since you feel this kind of work destroys your soul, I highly recommend the previous options as you probably will need your soul to fully enjoy the abundance and joy of a career that fits you perfectly!

Notice any energies that come up for you (reasons or fears why you can’t do what you want, why your dreams will never work, etc.). You can consider them neutrally, learn what you need to from those fears, let them help point you to creating a vision unhampered by avoidable obstacles, and then keep going, step by step, creating your dream job and accompanying benefits.

You can go in any direction you wish, but start. Every small step towards your goal brings it closer to you. Also, when you start down your path, you will encounter people and opportunities waiting to assist you. The main thing is to start! Kudos and blessings on your journey.

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