My psychic gifts are quite developed and I find I can know a lot about a situation or a person through using them. I can ask particular questions and then see psychic pictures about people that tell me what’s going on or I see and feel an energy I read that gives me the same result. I also can contact the spirit of people and ask them questions. Sometimes someone’s talking about their friend for example and I get images of what that friend feels or thinks. Do I pass that on?

But I am equally very aware that you can accumulate bad karma by misusing your psychic abilities. And as that’s not working for the light obviously it is not somewhere I want to go….When would it be considered as misuse by the Universe/God to use your gifts? Where do you draw the line?

Also how do you shut down your gifts when you want time out?

–J.P. (New Zealand)



That is wonderful you are developing your gifts as well as contemplating how to use them in a positive way.

As far as getting psychic hits when someone’s talking about their friends, it’s not always helpful to pass them on. Look at the energy case by case of whether or not it is appropriate, helpful, or even wanted in each situation. Even when you’re accurate, some people do not want to know. Especially when you are accurate! Ha ha.

And that is an important question about what it means to use your gifts for good. Generally, I would say never use your psychic abilities to manipulate or control others. Also, never spy on anyone psychically. Those are the kinds of things that generally create the kind of karma you don’t want.

The intention is the most important. If someone is missing and thought to be in danger and you’re trying to help them, it’s okay to check in psychically if you have permission on a spirit level from them and maybe their family has asked you to help find them. If, however, you’re simply curious about what someone you like (or don’t like) is doing, doing remote viewing or psychic surveillance on them is not good psychic etiquette. If you have any doubts that anything you’re thinking of doing is okay, don’t do it.

As someone that works as an intuitive and healer, I always turn down my psychic space, including turning down my sixth chakra, when I am not in session by consciously setting that intention when I am done with each session. I find that I have more than enough to look at in myself rather than paying attention to all the energies around me when I am not in session.

Don’t worry that you will miss any hits you need necessary for your survival—if you stay grounded in yourself, you will know anything you need to know, like maybe you forgot to turn off the stove or you need to call your mom.

Have fun with this! Congratulations on really delving into how to best use your gifts for the light.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.





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