I have been with the same man for four years. He wants to get married. Mostly I love him but, every once in a while, I almost feel like I hate him. He drives me crazy, but often with stupid things that don’t really matter. Do you think he’s really the one for me?

–Confused (United States)


Well, you’ll have to let your heart lead you on this decision. If you mostly love him and you recognize the things he does that drive you crazy are generally harmless and insignificant, I wouldn’t let those factors override the possibility of a very nice life together.

Often the people we love the most on occasion are the most likely to drive us crazy. Marriage and romance is not a 24/7 bed of roses. It’s two people with different needs and templates coming together to build a life together that works for both of them. The only way ALL of your needs and desires would be the same would be if you married a clone of yourself, and what would be the fun of that?

Keep your sense of humor and follow your heart, my friend.


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