How does a baby choose which parents to stay with and whom to leave even before they are born?

—Wondering (India)


This is a great question and a complex one with many variables. Generally speaking, the souls of babies to be born often have soul agreements with their parents before they are even born. Oftentimes (but not always), the babies have had other lifetimes with the parents in various iterations. For example, maybe that baby conceived or born to a mother was the mother’s parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or even enemy in a different lifetime.

Whatever the past history, the baby’s soul has an agreement with the parents to help each other with certain gifts and lessons. For example, perhaps that baby wants to come in during this particular lifetime to learn music. Perhaps the soul might choose parents with musical talent and knowledge so as to grow in an environment that fosters those gifts he/she wants to develop.

Conversely, maybe a soul wants to come into a lifetime to learn about certain challenges. Sometimes we wonder why horrible things happen such as when children are abused by their own parents. Perhaps in some of those cases, the baby’s soul came in wanting to experience what it is like to be on the receiving end of parental abuse or came in wanting to learn how to grow strong and beautiful despite horrors experienced at home so they can better understand how to help other children in those situations in this or another lifetime. In those cases, it was also an opportunity for the abusive parents to learn the consequences of abusing a child and as a gateway to change to learn how to become a more loving parent and human being.

To answer the second part of your question, how does a baby choose whom to leave before they are even born? In cases such as miscarriage, sometimes a baby spirit comes in to simply experience the delight of being together with the mother and family in the physical for just a little while, without needing to go the distance of being born and raised by that mother and family.

In some cases, I have seen baby spirits come in and leave to help the mother release any energies that she needs to let go of in order to have a child or as a catalyst to create a certain kind of life for herself and/or for the child. In some cases, I have seen the same baby spirit come in a few times and not stick around the first couple times in order to help the mother get to a certain energetic vibration where the baby could stay. This is often a traumatic and painful experience for the mother but sometimes that trauma helped the mother let go of old (often unrelated) grief or other energies in order to make certain changes in her life. This may be part of the mother and the baby spirit’s particular spirit agreement with each other.

A lot to think about. Much love, my friend.

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