What is the meaning of life?

—Wondering (Brazil)


That is an excellent question, my friend. The fact that you are thinking about this means you are living in a way that will embrace the meaning in your life because it requires thinking about this question to ensure you live a life of deeper meaning than those who don’t stop to wonder about the meaning of life.

I could write the rest of my life on what the meaning of life is (and some have) but here are some basic highlights:

Personally, I believe that part of the meaning of life in general is our eternal quest as humans to understand and live our connection to the Divine and to the oneness of all while appreciating and loving our uniqueness as individuals. I believe it also includes the journey of discovering that we are made of love and that we can create so much when we act from the spirit of divine love–peace, harmony, prosperity, great works of art and technology used to better humankind and all living beings, and much more.

I believe that part of this journey entails different smaller lessons for each of us as individuals or as part of larger groups (cultures, governments, countries, organizations, etc.) that we’re studying and practicing in each lifetime. The wisdom and learning we garner in one lifetime create foundations we can build upon in another lifetime once we have mastered those earlier lessons. For example, this lifetime, I am studying how to express myself as an individual while contributing to the greater whole of society, which includes many specific lessons, including how to get along with large groups of people and how to work together with many.

I wish you peace and joy on your journey of exploring and embracing the meaning of your life.

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