What are some practical tips for getting my mojo running? I’ve been single for years and not feeling very sensual or desirable. I don’t even feel like masturbating but I’d like to awaken my sexual energy. Do you have a few tips for a single woman?

—Feeling Nonsexual (Canada)

Dear F.N.:

Congratulations on taking responsibility for your mojo!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start by doing things you’re passionate about—whatever you do that makes the time go by instantly! That might be writing or painting or being in nature—whatever floats your boat!
  • Get your sexy on. Dress sexy even if you’re hanging out at home—wear soft cloth in silky colors and something that makes you feel beautiful and nurtured.
  • Eat sexy. See if there are any ways you can clean up your diet—a healthy diet supports a stronger sex drive. You might also want to try incorporating some aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate or oysters and chili peppers.
  • Turn on your mind. Do things that stimulate your mind—learning a new class, joining a Meetup group targeted to one of your interests. They have Meetup groups on everything from speaking Portuguese to films groups to nature walks, and everything else. In addition, you could read erotic literature or watch a sexy movie such as The Piano or Bull Durham or Kama Sutra: A Tale or Love or something that features an actor or actress you find particularly sexy.
  • Take a workshop on orgasmic meditation ( and go to their weekly circles or play on your own. You might not feel like you’re in the mood at first, especially if you’ve taken a break from sexual activity for a while, but once you prime your body to get your sexual energy running and you get in the habit, it will be much easier for your body to get into that turned-on state.
  • Ask your doctor or naturopath to look at your blood chemistry. Ask them to check your hormones and other numbers and factors that might be affecting your libido and see what they suggest.

Have fun, my friend!

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