I’m starting a business. I work at home and I read so much about the need for networking. I am very shy and introverted. How does someone like me network?

—Hiding in my House (U.K.)


Fortunately you live in the perfect age for a shy and introverted businessperson who needs to network. Haha. You can take advantage of the Internet with your website and perhaps a facebook or other profile for your business. If you can, if it is appropriate, share a little bit about yourself even for your business website or facebook profile as the energy of story of the person starting the business can be an important draw for your business.

Start networking in person with your family and friends and simply ask them to help spread the word about your business to anyone they know who might benefit from your products or services. Think of networking as a way of getting to know others and letting them know you and start with smaller and local groups. You might also want to look into your local Chamber of Commerce and ask fellow friends who runs their own business to attend with you. That might make you feel more comfortable attending an event for a new group.

Please have fun and be yourself so people can come to know what a jewel you are inside.

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