Why do girls act so girly, especially in large groups?

—A Guy’s Guy (United States)


By “girly,” do you mean giggling or talking excitedly? Or something else? And by “girls,” do you mean “girls” or “women”? I’ll answer for both options.

Both girls and many women tend to run a lot of female energy, which can be very excited or nonlinear or creative or sometimes high vibration. Then you have the added influence of cultural programming or training for both females and males, which may steer them to behave in a more stereotypical way.

Younger boys also tend to run a lot of female energy when they are little until they’ve developed more and unmatched from more of their mother’s energies and start running more male hormones, especially after puberty.

Male energy tends to be more linear or slow or methodicdal but is equally important for a balanced individual.

However, both females and males run both male and female energy at different levels that are appropriate for each individual. You may notice that our levels of running each type of energy may vary according to what we’re doing and how we’re feeling and whom we’re with.

Thanks for the question.


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