I am a singer and I have to say I’m pretty decent except for the fact I have horrible stage fright and my voice tightens up and I really get in my head. How do I stop this?

–Fraidy-Cat Performer


Google exercises for singers and performers. Often, simple stretches and exercises can do a lot towards limbering your physical body, which can help.

Also, get out and sing as much as possible, from open mics to house parties or even karaoke. The more you do it, the more you will gradually feel comfortable.

You might want to also sign up for some lessons with a singing teacher or a vocal coach. There’s a great opera singer named Diva Jones who does Skype sessions, who can give you some great tips. I highly recommend her, even to have some initial lessons to build yourself a strong foundation for singing and keeping your voice healthy and strong.

Finally, try allowing yourself to be a clear channel for the music and the song that you love, allowing it to flow through. When you start to worry about you or how you sound or whether you’re singing poorly, know that this mindset is clouding your clarity as a pure channel for the music, and reset your space to simply be a vehicle for the song you love, allowing it to flow through you.

Keep making music!

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