Is this a good year to switch careers and do what truly sings to my soul?

—K.G. (United States)


Now is always a good time to do what sings to your soul. Only you can decide, however, the best timing to make that happen. Start by looking at your finances and making a plan to build and implement your new career and gradually phase out the old career, deciding what works best for you.

If you have a family or others who depend on you financially or otherwise, talk to them to enlist their help and support. Perhaps that means enabling you to claim one room in the home just for your work or simply respecting your time and boundaries when you are in your home office.

If you want to become an artist, for example, can you reduce the hours of your workweek and start devoting more time to your art? Or if you want to develop a practice as an intuitive or a healer, perhaps you could start out by doing sessions every Saturday morning as you build your practice. Envision what you’d like the final result to look like and take the first step.

Once you’ve committed time and space to what you wish to do in your next career, take concrete steps to make that happen. Tell your friends and family your plan so they can give you moral support and maybe help you spread the word. Next, maybe you could make business cards or a website or whatever next step is important to build your business.

To start a new career, it’s also important to ground the energy and time allotted to that new career you’re building. For example, if you want to start a cleaning business, even if no new clients have called yet, spend time in your home office grounding the energy, visualizing what you’re creating, and doing tasks specifically related to that business—working on new flyers or whatever else needs to be done, for example.

Congratulations on listening to your soul’s song. May its music carry you with light along your path.

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