How come I’m attracted to some people and not others?

—C.H. (Canada)

Dear C.H.:

Attraction between people can be complex.

Sometimes we’re attracted to people because we think they have qualities we wish we had. For example, if you’re in a career you feel isn’t that creative and  don’t consider yourself creative, maybe you’re drawn to creative types. Interestingly, you probably do already have the qualities you’re attracted to inherent within you even though you may not yet recognize them in yourself or have not yet developed them in yourself.

Sometimes, too, we can be attracted to someone because we recognize them as a spirit or we just feel some kind of vibrational affinity with that person.

If you’re referring to what feels like almost uncontrollable sexual attraction, usually,  it’s almost always inevitably because there’s a lot of karma (life lessons) to work through with that person. Sometimes we’re attracted to someone because we’ve left our energy with them, perhaps from another lifetime, and you as spirit are needing to retrieve your own energy.

Get to know different people on different levels in different situations to get a feel for what kind of attraction you have. Sometimes, you may not feel any attraction to someone, but the more you get to know them as a person, the more attraction you develop for them. Sometimes those are the relationships that can be long-lasting.

Play with the attraction and notice what kind of people you’re attracted to and what kind of people are attracted to you. Have fun exploring the complex chemistry between people!

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