I am regarded by many people as a spiritual teacher. In fact, it appears to be my calling. But I do not promote myself as such because I feel that some authority, particularly my own teacher, must first confer the status of teacher upon me–give me the “go ahead”–for it to be valid. This process may not be required at all, as we do see lots of self-styled guru-types pop up everywhere. This idea does keep self-aggrandizing in check effectively, however. On the other hand, I also have to consider how much people do appreciate what I offer, as well as how much fear and doubt may play their roles, too, in holding me back. Fear and doubt are as full of ego as self-aggrandizement. I wonder what advice you would give someone in this situation?

–Robert (Turkey)


You sound like a true teacher to me, as you have a strong and healthy balance of the recognition of what you can offer with the self-awareness that we all have more to learn.

Being a teacher means stepping up as a leader, and that means recognizing the inherent wisdom and experience that you can share with others. Also, moving forward as a teacher in your own right (without the need for validation and permission from anybody) is the greatest proof that your teacher did a great job.

Being a true teacher, you must also model for people what it looks like to own your knowingness and power from within. That is ultimately what a true leader and teacher must do, as those at the forefront are often not recognized (and are in fact sometimes spurned) for their beliefs when they are ahead of the curve from the general public, which leaders generally are.

Shine with all of your God-given light and gifts and share with joy all that you have to teach, by example as well as in any other venue.

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