We had some mold in our house from flooding from the upstairs bathroom and I was going through all the stuff from the master closet and found a bunch of photos (most of them moldy that had to be thrown away) of my boyfriend’s. I am blond with blue eyes and petite and they all (all former girlfriends, I’m guessing—lots of them) kind of look like me, even sort of similar facial structure, etc. Now I feel really weird about the whole thing. Am I just some type he’s attracted to or what?

–Creeped Out (Australia)


I understand why you would feel disturbed about this discovery. A few things for you to think about:

1)    Do you look like his mother or other family members at all? Sometimes people are drawn to those who look like them, which may include looking like their mothers. Is that creepy enough for you? Ha ha. No, seriously, in this case, it’s not necessarily something to be disturbed about unless he treats you like his mother or thinks of you as his mother.

2)    Sometimes people imprint on a certain type, or are simply attracted to a certain type of look. This is not necessarily a problem unless he, for example, doesn’t actually see you as an individual but rather more as a replicate or extension of the original petite blond (first girlfriend maybe, or even some celebrity?) on whom he imprinted. Then it is indeed pretty creepy. And if he’s having you dress in his mother’s old dresses or buying copies of his old girlfriend’s clothes, I’d say look for bodies in the basement and put on your running shoes and hightail it out of there. Or maybe just hightail it! Ha ha.

3) Here’s another thought–a possibility, although I’m sensing this is not the case here. All along, he’s been looking for you and had some vague idea as spirit what you looked like and kept picking your lookalikes in the hopes of finally finding you.

On a spiritual level, maybe one thing you’re working on is developing your own sense of identity and expressing your authenticity, whether that’s in thought, style, creative expression, or anything else. You’re also developing your own sense of discernment as far as what qualities are important in the mate of your choosing, which may include seeing you for who you are, as the unique one-of-a-kind divine original that you are. Enjoy the process of meditating and exploring this energy.

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