I hear and read all this stuff about ascension and these energy shifts that are supposedly happening and coming. December 21, 2012, for example, but nothing ever happens. Everything’s still the same and I’m tired of hearing and reading about energy shifts. What gives?

–Disillusioned (United States)


I have heard the same thing from many people and can understand your frustration. The thing is that the energy has been and continues to shift in waves. However, the frustrating thing from a human perspective is that it takes a while to see the manifestation of the energy shifts as energy shifts instantly, whereas physical matter and “reality” usually shift at a slower pace, which is actually quite good because we couldn’t handle the immense energetic shifts because our bodies need time to integrate and process each shift.

Pay attention to the energy and notice how the feeling of the energy is shifting over time—growing lighter and less dense over time. Validate the energy is changing and you may notice shifts in your physical reality shifting more readily.

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