I work a corporate job in New York as an executive assistant. My boss lies all the time and also asks me to lie to people as well—to her husband, her kids, and the clients. Little lies and big lies. Where she is, and more. The pay is really good but I feel like maybe I am accruing bad karma by being here and I am not comfortable. What should I do?

–Paying the bills but at what cost? (United States)


I suspect you already know the answer to this question. If you are not comfortable working for this woman and having to lie as part of your job, it is time to look for another job.

More than the issue of “bad karma,” this situation is probably showing you where your life is not resonating with your spirit or your values, so this is perhaps a karmic gift or teaching to help you learn to craft a life that does resonate with your values and your spirit.

Validate your ability to make a living through your skills and integrity and you can give notice once you find your new position. I applaud your courage and that you listen to your heart and your conscience.

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