I want to learn how to heal and have even read lots of books on the subject. How do I do this?

–Eager (United States)


Well, first know that you already can heal. It’s important, however, when you’re starting out to learn how to do it safely. I teach healing workshops and also there are many people around the world that teach energy healing. I would suggest starting out your journey in consciously developing your healing abilities in a way where someone who understands and is aware of energy can watch you to make sure you’re doing it safely in a way that is both safe for you as well as the person you’re healing.

One thing that is important to be aware of at first is to do your healing work without absorbing the pain and other energies you’re cleansing for the person you’re working on. That is why it’s always beneficial to start out with someone who can hold space for you and teach you how to keep your space clean and who can see the energies to ensure you’re doing it in a matter that benefits all.

Enjoy the journey, healer.

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