Is it possible for a person to make things break? Whenever I touch computers, something seems to go wrong with them. Often small things but sometimes big, expensive, irreparable things as well. Am I crazy or could I be the one affecting this equipment?

–Seeming Destroyer of Computers (United States)


Funny you should ask. I experience the same thing. Interestingly, I don’t destroy Macs, only PCs. I also used to destroy hot/cold water dispensers and batteries in my healing room until I changed the way I set the energy when I did healings. If you’ve been having trouble with PCs, I suggest you give Apple a try if you haven’t already. For some reason, Macs seem more stable with certain energies, at least for me and some others I know.

I also recommend the extended warranties on any computer you purchase. Oh, and don’t ever go near your friends’ computers if you want to stay in their good graces. Ha ha.

And I know one woman that instantly destroys all watches she comes into contact with (both digital and analog). She has decided to go watchless after breaking enough watches to accessorize troops of time-conscious octopi with places to be, usually within 10 minutes of putting them on her wrist.

Sometimes people’s energy is simply not compatible with certain kinds of machinery. Sometimes, too, there are trance medium energies that can affect machinery as well, including computers. But that’s a whole different subject.

Try switching to Macs and write again if you are still having computer issues.


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