My girlfriend always insists on cooking and never lets me cook. I used to work as a cook in a four-star restaurant. It’s how I blow off steam. How do I get back in the kitchen?

—Getting Pissed (United States)


Have you asked your girlfriend why she insists on cooking? Find out why she insists on doing all the cooking. If you live with her, sometimes people can get territorial about the kitchen or even about their supposed gender roles (if you are male) and related responsibilities.

Whatever the reason for her behavior, it’s just as much your right to cook, particularly if it’s in your own (or shared) residence. Suggest working out a schedule and divvy your shared meals in half—half of the meals cooked by her and half by you.

Oh, and the two of you should feel free to invite me for dinner anytime. Ha ha!

Bon appétit!

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