I’m feeling scared and confused as lately there’s been a real change in my world. I seem to be manifesting negative, unwanted thoughts in instants (to show me where I’m going wrong with my thoughts), but the positive ones that I want to manifest so badly aren’t taking the same route. I thought that as I was in healing treatment and given my painful past, I would be “cut some slack” by the Universe and shielded from the negative old patterns manifesting into anything until I was fully healed. I guess the universe is asking me to step up and let go definitely of the old, so that I can see that I am fully healed. But it places me in a place of fear and resentment, which only perpetuates more negative thoughts. And why isn’t the positive manifesting as seamlessly and quickly?

Scared & Confused (Canada)


This is a wonderful question that quite a few people struggle with.

The main principle to remember is that we give more energy to where our attention goes and that we manifest more of what we put energy towards (and this includes towards what we are resisting). Because you’ve quickly been manifesting negative situations while having difficulty manifesting the positive, this is an indication that more of your energy is going to what you fear or dread, etc., causing less of your energy going to what you would ideally like to manifest. Start calling your energy back from what your resist and don’t want, and notice if it becomes much more easy over time to manifest the positive easily and quickly with that shift in consciousness.

If you want, notice too any beliefs about needing to be “cut some slack” or any other disempowering beliefs. I believe we are not given anything that we can’t handle, so perhaps you’ve healed enough and are strong enough right now to take ownership of creating new thoughts patterns and habits that are born out of your belief to gradually shift the way you view your power and ability to manifest. Also validate your own power to shift your mood—when you are fearful, say hello to your capability and your power and take positive action, even if one small step at a time, towards the outcome you wish to create.

Enjoy the journey, my friend.

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