For most of my life I have been in an awful energetic state, bombarded with negativity. This thankfully changed recently but I’m used to looking for good energies/love/happiness to be provided for me from outside of myself. How do I help my mind catch up to the fact that I have A grade energy now and that I no longer need the outside “positive vibes.” How do I tap into this A grade energy to enjoy for myself?

—Confused (Norway)



Congratulations on the recent change of your energetic state. Learning to tap into your positive energy will take commitment on your part as far as strengthening the habit of enjoying this positive energy for yourself. Whenever you catch yourself looking for things outside of yourself (whether love or good energies or happiness), say hello and validate those good energies inside of yourself. Validate the love you have inside of you, validate that you are made of love, and practice loving yourself completely and unconditionally, for example.

You can change your outward behavior accordingly as well. For example, if you think you need to buy a nice outfit to look nice, take a look inside your closet and see what you already have and pull it out and experiment with a new way to enjoy it or pair it with a different pair of shoes that you already have to give it a fresh feel. Or even better, just look in the mirror and admire the beauty staring back at you!!!

Also, even as you enjoy your own positive energy, choose friends and others to be around who mirror and support that positive energy rather than people who tend to pull you down with negative habits like gossiping or putting others down. Be around people who reflect joy and light and see how much merriment and good in the world you can make together.





I am a medium and having worked on myself for forever, you would think I would be free of negative attachments (spirits). However, there is one spirit in particular that tries to upset me and it manages to do just that.

It feeds off my need for “external romantic love” and company and comes in and imitates loving energies very similar to those of my partner. It is very conniving and good at getting me off track.  It also knows I get angry at its presence and plays on that. I’m losing the will to live here! I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it.

Being an amazing medium, can you see anything I can’t see regarding why it’s here? Maybe I’m doing something wrong as surely there’s a reason it’s still hanging around? Please help.

—On My Last Nerve (Bolivia)



We are all in process, no matter how long we’ve worked on ourselves (and that includes past lives).

Spirits are just like people, who are of course spirits in human bodies. There’s a saying, “What we resist, persists.” Anything we resist energetically keeps sticking around or we’ll manage to get rid of something and something of a similar vibration comes along. For example, if a student is being bullied at school, the more he resists, the more the bully may bother him and may even escalate. However, once the student learns to get neutral to the bully and starts to have more of his true power, the bully will generally find someone else to go persecute. This is of course easier said than done but it is possible with practice and retraining of your attitudes to learn to get neutral to what you are resisting.

Another example is when dealing with energy vampires, people who suck and suck and suck our energy, whether they are narcissists or people who try to ingratiate themselves, then pester to get some kind of reaction and to pull energy from you, even if it negative attention. Once you stop resisting them and give them space to be without giving them any attention, they generally tire and go suckle the energy from someone else, whether that is by charming them or creating drama or pretending to be helpless, or whatever techniques they use to suck energy.

Keep your focus on what’s important to you. Since you want love and good company, use your energy to take practical steps like joining a meetup group for a topic that interests you (hiking or art or movies or whatever) or just get a group of friends together and encourage them to bring their nice friends as well. You’ll meet people, have fun, and who knows what else? And your focus will be on creating positive things you want rather than giving your energy to this spirit or your worries or any negative people or anything else you don’t really want in your life.

Good on you for your awareness and making these changes!



My family thinks I’m depressed but I don’t feel depressed or suicidal or self-destructive. What could that be, energetically speaking?

—Not Depressed (United States)


If you don’t feel depressed, perhaps you are going through a cycle of energetically withdrawing from the world. Cycles like these are important from time to time to allow us to withdraw from structures and roles we’ve been engrained in, giving us the chance to detach from them and emerge with a clearer idea of who we truly are and what is most important to us.

If you start to feel depressed, do go see your doctor just in case something is going on.

If you are going through a withdrawal cycle, enjoy it and mine all the pieces of you that are buried. Enjoy the process of discovery!



Are there such a thing as negative entities and exorcisms? If I feel I have a negative entity attacking me, can I exorcise it from myself?

—Haunted (United States)


Yes, there are entities that are negative or harmful, and exorcisms, if done correctly, are real. There are also a number of charlatans or people who will say you have a negative entity or bad karma and that you must pay X amount of dollars to release it.

If you believe you have a negative entity attacking you, do not try to remove it yourself. It takes a lot of training in order to do that safely in most cases. For example, someone in the Catholic church told me that priests study 10 years to be able to perform an exorcism. The legitimate healers I know who remove harmful beings all studied and practiced many years as well in order to do it safely.

If you are suffering from this problem, please find someone legitimate who can assist you.

Wishing you a safe journey.



Whenever I go to the zoo, I get really depressed. I can be having a great day and happy as a clam, and then get to the zoo, and feel awful. Why is that?

—Not Having Fun at the Zoo (United States)


You’re probably very sensitive to energy. Before I learned how to protect my energy, I too would get extremely depressed at the zoo because I would pick up on the energy of the animals, many of whom were bored and depressed.

Try imagining energy roses on all sides of you and allow the roses to absorb external energy rather than having your body absorb it. When the roses get full of depressed or other energies, explode them and create fresh new roses around you. Repeat as needed.

Also, consider visiting and supporting places that treat animals well and that give them plenty of space, preferably in their natural habitat. One animal sanctuary I love if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, is PreetiRang (



Recently I just cannot fall asleep easily. Once I fall asleep, it’s ok but the initial stage of sleep is awful recently, It takes so long to fall asleep. Is there any way to improve naturally? The troublesome condition is almost a month now.

—Sleepless in Japan


Have you been under stress? That can affect your ability to fall asleep. Before you go to sleep, set your intention to fall asleep easily and quickly and to get quality sleep and also create an energy bubble and put that bubble up in the sky and move all your worries into that bubble and explode the bubble.

You might also want to avoid caffeine after 3:00 p.m. in case that is affecting your sleep. In addition to obvious caffeinated things like tea or coffee, check other things you eat such as acai or chocolate or weight-loss pills and all kinds of other things may surprisingly contain caffeine, particularly if there is some food or drink or supplement you have added to your routine recently.

You may also try googling “acupressure points for insomnia,” as stimulating certain points on your hands and feet and other places can help you fall asleep.

Sweet dreams, friend!


For this week’s Sunday Share, I want to introduce you to a wonderful healer, Ariel Warner, who clears land, buildings, and people. She worked on our home and property and the house and the surrounding property (way beyond our plot of land) felt significantly different. My friends who are also sensitive to energy would come in and comment on how light the energy felt after she had cleared the house.

Warner also does incredibly powerful clears on people, including The Loving Oneself Clear, The Self-Worth Clear, Self-Destructive Behavior Clear, The “I Can’t” Clear, The Compassion Clear, The Change Clear, The Creativity Clear, Balanced Receiving Clear, The Capacity for Self-Healing Clear, Addictive Behaviour Clear, Balanced Giving Clear, The Sexual Wholeness clear, and The Capacity for Joy & Positive Thought Clear.

I’ve experienced many of her clears and released a great deal of energy, noticing an absence of those energies once they had released from my body and my auric fields. Once I had finished each clear, I had much more space in my body to allow my own energies to come in and flow much more freely.

If you’re interested, check out her website at for further information.




I’m feeling scared and confused as lately there’s been a real change in my world. I seem to be manifesting negative, unwanted thoughts in instants (to show me where I’m going wrong with my thoughts), but the positive ones that I want to manifest so badly aren’t taking the same route. I thought that as I was in healing treatment and given my painful past, I would be “cut some slack” by the Universe and shielded from the negative old patterns manifesting into anything until I was fully healed. I guess the universe is asking me to step up and let go definitely of the old, so that I can see that I am fully healed. But it places me in a place of fear and resentment, which only perpetuates more negative thoughts. And why isn’t the positive manifesting as seamlessly and quickly?

Scared & Confused (Canada)


This is a wonderful question that quite a few people struggle with.

The main principle to remember is that we give more energy to where our attention goes and that we manifest more of what we put energy towards (and this includes towards what we are resisting). Because you’ve quickly been manifesting negative situations while having difficulty manifesting the positive, this is an indication that more of your energy is going to what you fear or dread, etc., causing less of your energy going to what you would ideally like to manifest. Start calling your energy back from what your resist and don’t want, and notice if it becomes much more easy over time to manifest the positive easily and quickly with that shift in consciousness.

If you want, notice too any beliefs about needing to be “cut some slack” or any other disempowering beliefs. I believe we are not given anything that we can’t handle, so perhaps you’ve healed enough and are strong enough right now to take ownership of creating new thoughts patterns and habits that are born out of your belief to gradually shift the way you view your power and ability to manifest. Also validate your own power to shift your mood—when you are fearful, say hello to your capability and your power and take positive action, even if one small step at a time, towards the outcome you wish to create.

Enjoy the journey, my friend.



My office manager who hates me gave each of us a holiday gift, including me. The gifts are all the same except for the color. I feel very yucky energy on the leather portfolio she gave me. Is this possible? And what do I do about it?

–Sensitive Office Drone (United States)


Yes, it is possible for objects to carry negative energies, including resentment, especially when they are gifts given out of obligation and not love.

Sometimes even a recipient who wants to give you something out of love can inadvertently give you something with challenging energies. For example, someone who loves you may search far and wide for that “perfect” gift, and may give you a gift full of love, perfectionism (worry that is it not the perfect gift), insecurity, fear (fear that you won’t like the gift), and other energies.

You can neutralize the energies you don’t want to keep by simply receiving the gift in love despite any difficult energies that came with the gift.

You might also want to imagine putting a grounding cord on the leather portfolio, releasing any resentment and ill will (on either side of the relationship) and any other energies that no longer serve you or the relationship. Then, intend to set the energy of the portfolio to support and delight you and to help you in your career. At this point, you can meditate and see how you feel and decide whether you want to keep the portfolio or get rid of it.

If you do get rid of it, just donate it to your favorite nonprofit with love and good wishes for the perfect person who can enjoy a wonderful new leather portfolio.



I’m very intuitive and I want to develop my psychic abilities more but I’m afraid of going mad. Is it possible to go mad after opening up to being more psychic? Or am I being paranoid?

–Cautious or Paranoid? (Brazil)


Developing one’s psychic abilities doesn’t necessarily make you go mad but it is important to learn how to manage and handle energies in a safe way. This includes learning how to clean your energy properly before and after doing a psychic reading or a healing.

Also, I urge you to really learn how to ground and to stay grounded before you delve into areas like channeling and other forms of mediumship. If you do not learn this in a grounded and aware and safe space, it can indeed be harmful.

It’s also important to be in sound mental health before really opening up one’s psychic space.

Have fun developing your abilities.



Sometimes, when I pick up an object, I see flashes of pictures of people. Or excerpts like from a movie. What is happening?

–Nutters (England)


Perhaps you have the gift of psychometry, a type of psychic ability where you can pick up energies held in or related to an object. So maybe you get flashes of people that owned or touched that object. Play with it and see what happens! You can practice by having different people hand you a bunch of objects. Try to make it a blind test. For example, maybe you could ask a friend to collect one object from different people that you’ve never met and see if you can get any hits. Write down or record all of your perceptions or feelings and then ask for feedback from the person who lent you the object. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not right all the time. Psychometry, like any gift, can be developed and honed over time.


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