How to associate financial health and spiritual health? It seems that there is a trouble or difficulties to have both at the same time.

—J.B. (Haiti)


Are you referring to how some people who are very spiritual sometimes don’t seem to be very rich and sometimes people who are extremely rich don’t always seem to pay attention to their spirituality? I will write the answer accordingly and you can write me again if I am not understanding your question correctly.

It is possibly to be both extremely spiritually and financially healthy. Sometimes, however, people who are focused only a spiritual matters may not be paying attention to financial or other practical matters. Also, sometimes when people pay attention to spiritual matters, they may have a lot of their energy outside of their bodies and thus it is important to ground your energy to keep things balanced. (Email to request a free recording of how to ground your energy if you want more information about this.) Even when you are spiritual, it is important to be balanced and grounded in order to handle both the administrative and financial matters of living as well as attending to your spiritual interests.

In some cases, you may also see people who are very spiritual be carrying around old spirit agreements from past lives. For example, someone who works very hard but can’t seem to make much money may have old vows of poverty they’ve been carrying around from past lives, including lives as nuns or priests.

In the case of people who are extremely wealthy and in great financial health, sometimes the spiritual work they’ve done in this or previous lifetimes has helped them achieve financial health. However, if they haven’t done the work and ignore their spiritual health, you may see them in situations where they eventually lose their money as a way to push themselves to attend to their spiritual health and other important matters.

In all things, balance is important. Thank you for this excellent question, my friend.

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