Had a dream that I was maybe in South Africa in a little hardware store talking to one of my former co-workers. Suddenly she mentioned that her daughter had passed away. Later I was in an infirmary getting treated for two small cuts on the tips of my two middle fingers, one on either hand. Then in an adjacent room the person putting Band-Aids on the cuts also put a needle into the outline of a person on a piece of paper. The place the needle went in and started oozing white and blue liquid. The woman said “I don’t like this one bit!” I thought maybe she was observing that I have high cholesterol.

There was other stuff that I don’t remember. What do you think, Dali Mama?




That’s curious you knew I like interpreting dreams. Haha!

Maybe you were having a premonition that something is wrong with your co-worker’s daughter or perhaps that your colleague is letting herself die (what she has left of herself) by living her life only through her daughter.
The heart line is on the middle fingers so perhaps your body was telling you that you need to take better care of your heart and cardiovascular system. And yes, cholesterol and also blood sugar are some things you might want your doctor to take a look at. Also that you’re not really living your life—so they’re injecting the outline of where you would be if you were in your body, which is full of corporate energy and societal energy but your life force and essence are missing from there so your spirit is telling you about it so you can make a choice to inhabit your body and live your life if you want to.

Live the life you want, my friend! Now is here!

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