I love going out and eating delicious food. About 2-3 times a week and usually on my own. It’s burning a hole in my pocket and I’m gaining weight. Do you think I’m substituting food for something? Is my behaviour normal? I feel guilty for wasting money like this.
–Food Mad (S.Ireland)
You most likely are substituting food for something. This pattern is very common, but not a terribly healthy one. Notice if you eat more when you’re stressed. Notice if you’re eating to soothe yourself and to try not to feel the stress as much. Notice too if there are other things you’re wanting that you don’t have that make you reach for more food. For example, you might be craving love and companionship, or even just sex.
Instead of focusing on spending less on going out, focus on using more of your money to invest in things that support your well-being–your health, your dreams, a gym membership, etc. And use your money towards something that will support your happiness long-term beyond the enjoyment of a restaurant meal.
Congratulations on looking at this issue. I applaud your awareness and consciousness.

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