My friend is in the hospital and is very sick. He has cancer. My father died of cancer and I just can’t bear to go to the hospital. Is there anything I can do about this? How can I support my friend?

–Afraid (United States)


It’s very natural and human to get scared about illness and hospitals, particularly when you lost your father to cancer.

Try just showing up to the hospital during visiting hours and just being there for him. Focus on him and how he’s feeling and be your wonderful self and show up and talk to him as your wonderful friend.

If you really can’t go to the hospital, though, don’t punish yourself and just do what you can. Call him every day (or maybe Skype him if he has Skype access there) or send him a magazine or a book of jokes or something that will make him laugh.

Whether you go to the hospital or not, know that you love him and let him know as well. It doesn’t matter so much HOW you do it if you’re doing the best you can. It just matters that you do it.

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