My family moved this summer and I am at a whole new high school in a whole new state and I don’t know anyone here. I’ve tried to make friends with the kids here but they are pretty clique-y. Or maybe it’s just me although I seemed to do ok back home. What should I do?

–Newbie (United States)


Congratulations on your new start. It can be challenging to be the new kid at school, but perhaps you could join some clubs that interest you. Theater, yearbook, newspaper, chess, or sports maybe. Look and see what clubs exist at your school. Or maybe you could even start one of your own if there’s nothing that really grabs you. Joining a club is a great way to get to know other people in your school. Also, if you’re religious or spiritual, maybe you could check out a local church or synagogue or something and see if they have a youth group you can get involved with.

Another thing you might want to do is approach some other kids that are on their own. Or maybe a group of three other kids, as sometimes it’s difficult to join a group of two that are involved in a one-to-one conversation. Don’t take it personally if they’re not receptive. Keep being yourself and stay confident. Often it is the people that are insecure and unhappy that aren’t friendly to others that approach them and they may feel just as nervous as you do, so keep that in mind.


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