Do you think penis size matters to women? Women have told me it doesn’t but I wonder.

–Worried (Somewhere)


The way you use your penis is probably much more important than its size. Also, the majority of the interior of the vaginal canal doesn’t really have a whole lot of nerve endings. It’s the outer third of the vagina, especially near the opening, that’s more sensitive.

Also, keep in mind the G-spot is generally within 1 to 3 inches from the vaginal opening. Maybe you could actually invent some cool technique with your assets and use it to target your woman’s G-spot perhaps.

Remember, too, that confidence is the sexiest thing in a man, so be confident and proud of your penis. Validate it and your woman will appreciate you (and it) all the more.

I would also add that your heart, your mind, and your spirit and the way you treat your woman are much more important and invaluable than anything that can be measured by a ruler.

At any rate, the woman who is right for you will love all of you and find your penis to be the perfect one for her.


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