For today’s Sunday Share, I am honored to feature Diva Jones, a powerhouse voice and spirit. The London Times calls Diva Jones  “a mezzo with the stature of (opera legend) Shirley Verrett, plus the flash of Dorothy Dandridge.”  Make sure you’re sitting down before you listen to the recording of her singing!  Click on http://www.msdivajones.com/ABOUT.html and http://www.msdivajones.com/LISTEN.html to listen. You may find out more about her at www.msdivajones.com, and you can also find out about her wellness work at http://thewellthydiva.com as well as hearing her sing a blessing song written by composer Ricky Beckwith.

Diva Jones is truly a star as well as an exceptional teacher of intuitive voice lessons, which she gives in person and on Skype. Each lesson she gives is tailored for each student, with her guides helping shape each lesson. She helps each student own their voice as the original expression. “I believe we all can sing and need that expression,” says Ms. Jones.

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