Our house has been on the market 2+ months.  Few visitors.  We have grounded the house, removed crystals, painted, recarpeted. What is the energy, reason the house is not selling?

–Lisa (United States)


One of the reasons is that it is an intense time on the planet and in the United States to put a house on the market.

Also be aware of any urge or need to keep upping the vibration of the house, or to keep trying to improve the energy. What can end up happening is that more you do that, the harder it is for people to come in and look at the home, much less to buy it.

Another thing you can do is release any effort and control energy and old mockups/intentions for the house, and to reset the energy of the house to ease and an invitation for fun or whatever the new owners would like, and to create energetic space for whoever is the right match for the house. If you want, release any restrictions on who that right match is what kind of people they will be, and allow the universe to match the house with its right people.

Have fun playing with the energy.

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