Sometimes I think I am pretty psychic. Sometimes I know things exactly and sometimes I’m way off base. Like for example, I often know what’s going on with my best friend, sometimes before she even knows. And then last week, I thought something really amazing happened to her and then it turned out she had a really rough day instead. What’s up with that?

—Laurel, New Zealand


I see that you are actually incredibly psychic. There are a number of complicated factors that can cause your psychic sight to be a little off, which is why clairvoyant schools often run one-year programs.

There are many reasons why psychic vision can be temporarily askew, but here are a few possible reasons why you may be off sometimes:

1)    Sometimes energetic white noise around the person you’re reading (or around yourself) may keep you from seeing clearly.

2)    Many psychics tend to read the pictures of what a person wants people to see, or what they themselves wish to see, instead of actually reading the energy of spirit.

3)    Sometimes when we’re not grounded in ourselves, that tends to affect our ability to see clearly. This can be particularly true when we’re grounding through a close friend or lover, which we may do unknowingly.

Have fun and keep practicing. Psychic seeing is like practicing hoops or piano or any other thing one wants to get good at. Happy clear seeing!

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