I put on a lot of weight over the holidays, largely because of stress eating while spending Christmas and New Year’s with my parents and my brother and his family. How do I stop this and how do I lose the weight? Are there any energetic “tricks”?

–Stuffed (United States)


It is very common for people in the United States and some other countries to gain weight over the holidays as well as to stress eat. Overeating (particularly sugar or other processed foods) and excessive drinking (alcohol in particular but even too much caffeine can have a similar effect) can pop you out of your body, leaving you numb to whatever stresses you’re experiencing or to the issues that are getting lit up for you by being around your family.

I am sending you the free grounding exercises for you to do, which can help lose the excess weight. Also pay attention to any feelings (during the holiday or otherwise) that make you want to get the heck out of Dodge by overeating or overconsuming alcohol or even caffeinated drinks. When you feel like you want to pop out by overeating or overdrinking, it’s even more important to stay grounded so you can look at any release any energies pushing you out of full awareness so you can full enjoy being in a healthy body with choices that support your optimal health.



I’m very intuitive and I want to develop my psychic abilities more but I’m afraid of going mad. Is it possible to go mad after opening up to being more psychic? Or am I being paranoid?

–Cautious or Paranoid? (Brazil)


Developing one’s psychic abilities doesn’t necessarily make you go mad but it is important to learn how to manage and handle energies in a safe way. This includes learning how to clean your energy properly before and after doing a psychic reading or a healing.

Also, I urge you to really learn how to ground and to stay grounded before you delve into areas like channeling and other forms of mediumship. If you do not learn this in a grounded and aware and safe space, it can indeed be harmful.

It’s also important to be in sound mental health before really opening up one’s psychic space.

Have fun developing your abilities.



I’ve been collecting stamps for years. I used to love it but now it feels like a chore but I can’t seem to stop. What is causing this and why can’t I let this hobby go?

–Stumped (not Stamped) (United States)


Maybe you’ve just outgrown that hobby. If you no longer love it, maybe you could put it aside for a while. Later on, you can either sell it, give it away to someone who will surely love it and keep growing it, donate it, or take it up again if the fun of collecting them returns. If it feels like an obligation to keep it going, either reset the energy for your own fun or give it a break and give yourself permission to take up a new hobby.

Another reason it might be hard to give up is if you are using it to ground yourself, to perhaps release some nervous energy, in which you might want to do some other grounding things like hiking or gardening or whatever else is enjoyable to you.

Perhaps it feels a little scary to let this old hobby go because it’s become so familiar and perhaps even a part of your identity. This is an exciting time to see what other things you enjoy. Have fun!




Why am I sometimes so klutzy and sometimes not? It’s weird.

–Semi-Klutz (United States)


Consult with your doctor and make sure there isn’t a medical cause for this.

Barring any medical issues, sometimes we can be very grounded and graceful—fully inhabiting our body, present in the moment on the physical plane, etc. Sometimes we can float around, mostly out of our body, which is when limbs tend to go akimbo and cracks in the sidewalk appear under our feet, and we start stumbling over things.

The more you can focus on being grounded and fully in your body, the less klutzy you will be.

Play with that and see!




I meditate and do my best to stay grounded everyday, but I feel like I am doggy paddling through the day. I also have been hitting waves of numbness… I wonder if this is because I am popping out of my body or if I am releasing all that needs to release with all the new energies we are encountering on the planet. The question is (or maybe this is the second question?) How do I get everything done that needs to get done and keep my sanity and health?

–Wondering (United States)


Looking at the energy, I see you are both occasionally popping out as well as releasing a lot of the numbness that kept you from feeling the energies that weren’t yours that you are letting go of now so you can really feel all of your own feelings that will help you proceed forward on your spirit’s true path.

As far as getting things done, create space outside of your aura layers for the energies you are releasing while staying grounded. Just notice and say hello to the eneriges you’re releasing that aren’t yours, but don’t resist them or give any energy to the energies you’re letting go of. Just have all of your energy for yourself, your health, and your balanced self and have your energy for what you want that you are in the process of creating,

In addition, keep validating each little step that you complete towards your end goal and that will help the energies flow more smoothly to keep supporting you.

Also create extra time and space to rest and relax and spend time alone so you can benefit fully from these changes that are happening while continuing to make space for yourself to integrate all of these new energies.




I am a busy psychotherapist with a thriving practice and many clients but, over the years, I find I am feeling less and less well over time. After a full day of sessions, I sometimes have a throbbing headache and my body is sore like I have the flu but I’m not really sick. Sometimes I even feel nauseous. Usually by Sunday evening, I’m feeling okay again but then the whole cycle starts again the next week. Is there a spiritual or energetic cause for this?

–Trying to Keep on Keeping on (Canada)


This is actually a very common experience. Start by consulting your doctor to doublecheck that there are no physical causes for these symptoms.

Next, start taking care of your energy. Psychotherapists and other wellness providers (including caretakers, teachers, parents, or anyone that works deeply with people and/or with large groups of people) often pick up energy from the people they’re working with, resulting in physical symptoms and discomfort. When you’re sensitive to energy, this can be even more exacerbated.

You can take better care of your energy through the following steps:

  • Ground and run your energy regularly (email with “SEND FREE MEDITATION EXERCISES” in the subject line if you don’t know how to do this and would like to learn).
  • When starting each day, imagine creating fresh boundary roses on all sides of you (in front, back, on the sides, and above and below you) and allow the roses to absorb any energies from clients and other people, instead of you absorbing them into your body or your aura layers surrounding your body. When the roses get full of energies you don’t want, you can imagine exploding them and creating a brand-new set.
  • Make sure you take good care of yourself always, getting adequate sleep and exercise, and taking time to do what feeds your joy and your spirit.

Have fun taking great care of yourself, just as you do as you’re caring for others.

READERS: I invite you to send in a question of your own, either in the comment section or via email to And sorry I missed posting on March 27, which I just realized. I thought I had posted it but wi fi has been variable on the road and apparently it didn’t go through. Thanks for joining me here.




What do you suggest for not getting sick during this cold and flu season?

–Healthy and Wanting to Stay that Way (United States)


In addition to the basics you know such as washing your hands, vitamin C, etc., here are some energetic tips that can help support your health so you don’t catch a cold or any other bugs going around:

1)    Ground and run your energy regularly (email if you want a free recording of grounding exercises).

2)    Be sure to fill in with your wholeness and health and a strong immune system and fresh new life force anytime you release any energy. Sometimes when people release energy after getting a healing or simply moving a lot of energy but don’t fill in afterwards with the energy they want, that can leave them more open to catching a cold.

3)    When you’re with a person who is sick, don’t resist their cold or the germs. Simply be in your health. When you resist catching a cold from someone, your energy will tend to match the vibration of that illness, making you more prone to actually catching a cold.

Oh, and I love a dropper full of colloidal silver every now and again if I feel like I’m fighting something. It seems to work for me really well as long as I take it the moment I’m starting to drag a bit.

Happy health!



Do you have any energetic tips on how to get rid of clutter?

–Borderline Hoarder (United States)


You’re taking the first step, asking about how to get rid of clutter, which is great.

For the next step, ground the energy of your home and all the objects in your home. You can do this by imagining a big grounding cord going from the foundation of your home, draining any energy that is not yours and no longer for your highest good into the center of the earth, where that energy will be neutralized.

Sometimes, the energy in each object makes it difficult to part with, whether that’s the energy of the person who gave it to you with love, the love itself in the object, or the energy of lack or guilt that makes it hard to get rid of. For example, “Oh, I spent so much on this that I shouldn’t get rid of it” or “Oh that person will feel bad if I give this away.” As you’re getting rid of each object, you can validate it for what it did for you, then release it to go make someone else happy in the world.

Also, notice what each object you have difficulty letting go of represents to you. If it represents the love from the giver of that object, have that love inside of you and let its physical representation go. You have that love always and you don’t need the object itself anymore.

Have fun making space for yourself and creating a home that supports you and provides you with peace and ease.



Sometimes I think I am pretty psychic. Sometimes I know things exactly and sometimes I’m way off base. Like for example, I often know what’s going on with my best friend, sometimes before she even knows. And then last week, I thought something really amazing happened to her and then it turned out she had a really rough day instead. What’s up with that?

—Laurel, New Zealand


I see that you are actually incredibly psychic. There are a number of complicated factors that can cause your psychic sight to be a little off, which is why clairvoyant schools often run one-year programs.

There are many reasons why psychic vision can be temporarily askew, but here are a few possible reasons why you may be off sometimes:

1)    Sometimes energetic white noise around the person you’re reading (or around yourself) may keep you from seeing clearly.

2)    Many psychics tend to read the pictures of what a person wants people to see, or what they themselves wish to see, instead of actually reading the energy of spirit.

3)    Sometimes when we’re not grounded in ourselves, that tends to affect our ability to see clearly. This can be particularly true when we’re grounding through a close friend or lover, which we may do unknowingly.

Have fun and keep practicing. Psychic seeing is like practicing hoops or piano or any other thing one wants to get good at. Happy clear seeing!


I get influenced very easily and by many people. I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Please advise.
—N.C., Nepal
Your simply asking this question exhibits the wisdom of your soul and the readiness to make a change towards being able to make decisions from your spirit’s wisdom and knowingness rather than being influenced by others.
Being influenced easily in and of itself is not necessarily a good or bad thing because it means you are open-minded and not stuck in some kind of dogma. Instead, you are open to learning and being present to your own divine truth. This being said, it is important to learn to be grounded so that you can make decisions and act from your truth rather than swayed by others’ truth or perhaps others’ agendas that are not be based on your best interest (e.g., someone who wants to sell something you don’t really need or wants to manipulate you for their own benefit). Or even if they are well intentioned, they may not know the truth, much less the best choice for you. What if Mozart’s father had believed Mozart could never succeed as a musician? Or if religious institutions successfully convinced Galileo his work was against God?
There are two great steps you can take to start to be able to discern what influences support you in your path and which don’t: 1) grounding and 2) cultivating discernment.
Grounding will help you stay centered and be more aware of what is right for you. Contact me through, requesting a free recording of a grounding exercise if you would like one. Those who practice martial arts know how important is it to stay grounded. If someone is not grounded, they can easily get thrown by an opponent, or can even stumble or trip all on their own. If a martial artist is grounded, however, it is much more difficult for an opponent to knock them down and they can also be much more agile and move quickly and instinctively when they remain grounded.
Cultivating discernment will help you objectively notice different influences in your life and how they are influencing you. When you are with certain people, do you find yourself constantly doing things that go against yourself? For example, if you are a student, do you have any friends who always urge you to go party with them instead of studying? Or if you are single, do you have any friends who seem to sabotage (perhaps  not consciously) any new relationships, perhaps by disparaging (without reason) a new potential partner or getting angry if you spend any time with anyone but them?
If there are any people with whom you keep making choices that go against your highest good, notice that and make sure that you make choices that really feel good to you and that ultimately build your life in the direction you want. Spend more time with people who encourage you to be your best self and encourage you to be the best you can be, if only by modeling what that means to them in their own life. And even with people who are generally good influences, stay grounded and learn to listen to what your spirit says is the right choice for you in each moment. This is ultimately the way you learn to become the leader of your life, a leader of  your family, at your workplace, in your community, place of worship, or anywhere else you are.
Congratulations for the courage to look at this very important question.



I can’t seem to manage the logistics of everyday life. Between the pressures of work, finances, establishing a social life, dealing with maintaining relationships, and running a household, I can’t seem to get everything done. Other people seem to manage those things but I feel like I am drowning in a pile of things I have to take care of. Please help.

John (from the United States)


You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the stress of managing your life and time. It’s called being human! That’s why there’s such a plethora of great resources out there—because so many are in the exact same boat. One great resource to begin with includes  the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey (www.franklincovey).

In getting yourself organized, start with five basic steps:

1) Ground yourself .  To ground, imagine a grounding cord going from the base of your spine, going deep into the center of the earth, allowing that grounding cord to help you release any energies you no longer need (stress, tension, chaos, etc.) deep into the center of the earth, where that energy will be neutralized. After you ground, fill up with energies that you would like (ease, amusement, your wholeness, your connection to the divine, etc.)  (For a free recording of a grounding meditation, email with FREE GROUNDING EXERCISE in the subject line.)

2) Get enough rest. Getting enough sleep is key to feeling like you can cope. When you don’t rest, you’ll feel exhausted and then it’s even more difficult to get anything accomplished. When you take care of your body, giving it enough rest and anything else it needs (exercise, healthy food, etc.), it can support more effectively so you can get things done.

3) Set your intention and visualize what you’d like your life to look like. If you want calm mornings instead of running around to get everything done before you leave for work, set that intention and visualize (and FEEL) yourself getting up, calmly getting a simple breakfast ready, leisurely enjoying your breakfast, then walking out the door with plenty of time to spare in case of traffic.

4) Log how you are spending your time on a weekday. You might be surprised at where chunks of your time are going. Many people watch a few hours of TV per day as a way to try to recharge their batteries, but that time (or at least part of it ) might be better spent sleeping or taking care of things that don’t require a lot of focus. You can enjoy your favorite show while folding laundry or preparing the next day’s lunch or cleaning out your inbox, for example.  Once you know how you spend your time, you can change that according to your priorities. If there are things you are doing that you no longer enjoy, it’s time to reevaluate old habits or obligations, and to perhaps let some of them go.

5) Simplify. What is one easy way you can simply your life? Choose one small adjustment per week and incorporate it into your routine. For example, when you invite friends over, do you stress about having to prepare a whole meal for them? If so, have a potluck or just order pizza and serve it with ice tea or beer. True friends are really there for the company, right? And you just might set an example for everyone how to do it simply and allow everyone, including the hosts, to have fun. Or maybe instead of cooking a whole big breakfast, you could throw some fruit and veggies and flaxseeds into the blender and drink it on the way to work.

Many people get stressed trying to manage the logistics of being human. Sometimes perfectionism can be a part of that stress. Break things into small, manageable chunks and validate yourself for accomplishing each small task rather than looking at everything you have to do as one enormous unmanageable blob and punishing yourself for not tackling the huge blob that is everything you can’t deal with.

Also, inject each task with the energy of fun. While you’re doing the dishes, play your favorite songs and do a little victory “I finished the dishes” dance. Or whatever fun means to you.

Enjoy! And congratulations on looking at different ways to manage your life. It’s the first step towards change.

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