I work at an advertising company. My boss never listens to me even when I have great ideas. But someone else will say the same thing I said, and suddenly she’ll listen to that person even though she completely ignored me or dismissed my idea that was exactly the same. What do you recommend?

–Invisible Woman (Singapore)


Perhaps she is reflecting to you where you are still working on owning and expressing your authority, your power, and your voice. Cultivate these aspects of yourself and notice how the way she treats you starts to change over time. Also notice if you say things and hope or wait to be acknowledged or heard or appreciated, or if you say things knowing that you are heard and appreciated. It will make a difference as well if you communicate with power from inside of you.

You might also want to take note of the things that work in your company’s culture that she and other management responds to. Do the people that are heard in your company dress a certain way? Carry themselves a certain way? Or communicate in a certain style? Does she seem to treat the women differently? Notice what you notice and play and experiment with how people respond to you and then pick a way that aligns with your authentic self and make it all your own.

Enjoy the journey!


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