If someone steals something from you, is it bad karma to steal something of equal value from them?

–Wondering (Brazil)


I would recommend you do not steal anything, even from a person who stole from you. By doing what they do, you are becoming like them by committing the same mistakes they did to you and it keeps you stuck even more in the energy of theft.

Perhaps one thing you could do is ask that person to either returning your belonging (if you’re sure they took it) or to give you a specific item of equal value as recompense. Ask from a space of your power. If they give it back to you, you’ll have kept your honor and integrity and found a more positive way of balancing the scales. If they don’t give you anything or return the item, you’ll still have your honor and integrity, which is worth way more than whatever they took from you.




This is kind of a stupid question. Nobody wants to sleep with me. Women find me really creepy. But I don’t see where I’m any different than my buddies who say the same kinds of things or dress the same way or drive the same kinds of cars or have the same sorts of jobs or whatever the hell else.  But women go off with them and one even told my friend that I am creepy. What do YOU think is going on?

–What the $@C!? (United States)


Congratulations on taking a look at this. Many people would not have the courage to look at this and would simply dismiss it and not deal with it.

“Creepiness” doesn’t really have anything to do with clothes or car or jobs per se although certain things can contribute to a creepy vibe.

Maybe one of the things that is going on is that women are noticing things on an energetic level, which may not even have to do with your own authentic energy.

When I have met people who had a creepy vibe, usually what was happening was one or more of the following:

1)    They were unaware of what their energy was doing and they were cording other people energetically (hooking into their energy and sometimes sucking it sort like an energy vampire) and/or their energy was invasive and not respecting of the other person’s boundaries. In this case, it’s helpful to meditate regularly and keep intending to call all your energy back to you in divine form and intend to release any cords. Also release any anger, any resistance, and any “creepy energy” and any other energy that is not yours and intend to fill in your body and aura layers with your true divine energy.

2)    They had other people’s creepy energy absorbed into and running through their bodies, making them seem creepy. For example, if you’ve been on a fishing boat, cleaning fish or just riding on the boat, you’d probably come home with your body and your hair and your clothes smelling like fish even if you aren’t a fish. Which would require you to take a shower and wash your clothes before you no longer smelled fishy. Fortunately, you can do the same thing with your energy, cleaning off energy that’s not yours, by meditating or getting a healing.

3)    Sometimes people carry around pictures that get stuck on them that they resist and they attract even more pictures in a similar vibration. For example, maybe one day, someone a long time ago told you that you were creepy or you heard them say their were creepy and you resisted that because of course who wants to be thought of as creepy? But when you resist the picture that gets in your space that you unconsciously wear around on your auras, it attracts even more creepy pictures or maybe people just notice the big old creepy picture on you and mistakenly think that you are creepy. Try not to resist being thought of as creepy and just keep validating the beautiful clean, respectful, light spirit you are inside and it’ll act like Teflon for any creepy pictures that happen to be stuck to you.

Have fun developing and seeing and showing the real you.



I had a healing with this woman. She told me during the session that she was “giving” me an energy-infused bottle of water for ease, which is supposed to help me relax.  Well, at the end, when I was about to pay her, she casually informs me that the bottle is $26!  I’m sitting there in shock, not knowing what to say, but thinking “what the hell?” She said she was “giving” it to me, and didn’t even ask if I wanted to buy it!  So somehow, I end up biting my tongue, and convince myself it’s ok, when I know it’s not.  She already charged me $200 for the session.

–What the Hell? (Canada)

Dear WTH:

It is probably better protocol for the healer to have asked you if you wanted to buy the water after letting you know what it cost. She might have used the term “giving” loosely, as in “prescribing” or “distributing,” but I understand why it was a shock. She was not clear.

Perhaps this was a chance for you to own your truth and speak up for yourself. You say you know it wasn’t okay for things to go down the way they did, so it was a soul-agreement opportunity for her to present you with something so outrageous (that you paid for) that you had to speak up. It was also a reminder that you have a choice in every situation. Next time, you can always say no. But don’t worry. You will get another chance to learn this lesson if you haven’t already. Ha ha.

It’s not too late to tie things up with this healer and to speak up for yourself. If you want, you can write a letter, stating your truth about the whole experience from a neutral position of being in your power. You can be very clear and let her know why it was confusing since she said she was giving you the water, which will help her avoid unclear situations with other clients in the future if she chooses to. Write anything else you have to say and mail the letter, letting go of any other energy you no longer need to hold on to as you send it off. Then send her spirit a thank you for teaching you this lesson in a way that could have been even more outrageous and costly.



I work at an advertising company. My boss never listens to me even when I have great ideas. But someone else will say the same thing I said, and suddenly she’ll listen to that person even though she completely ignored me or dismissed my idea that was exactly the same. What do you recommend?

–Invisible Woman (Singapore)


Perhaps she is reflecting to you where you are still working on owning and expressing your authority, your power, and your voice. Cultivate these aspects of yourself and notice how the way she treats you starts to change over time. Also notice if you say things and hope or wait to be acknowledged or heard or appreciated, or if you say things knowing that you are heard and appreciated. It will make a difference as well if you communicate with power from inside of you.

You might also want to take note of the things that work in your company’s culture that she and other management responds to. Do the people that are heard in your company dress a certain way? Carry themselves a certain way? Or communicate in a certain style? Does she seem to treat the women differently? Notice what you notice and play and experiment with how people respond to you and then pick a way that aligns with your authentic self and make it all your own.

Enjoy the journey!




What is the meaning of life?

—G.M. (Ireland)


That is a huge question that humankind has pondered forever and infinite tomes have been written on the topic. I will bravely do my best to answer what it means to me in a few paragraphs, however.

I believe that this planet offers us extraordinary opportunities to learn certain lessons in our life. We may specialize in certain areas (like learning how to express ourselves, learning how to manifest, etc.) but there are certain lessons many of us are learning common to humankind.

For me, life offers us learning opportunities, a chance to, over and over again, become more of who we are as children of God, in all our divine glory, love, wholeness, beauty, and power. One of these greatest lessons is love—the understanding that we are all one and that we can create so much more with love than we can when we try to create out of fear or separation. Love is one of the greatest lessons, one of the greatest teachers, and ultimately, I believe, the meaning of life—to learn how to love truly, including loving ourselves, and to understand that we are all love and to learn how to be love amidst all the distractions and illusions of the world.

As always, I welcome any comments from anyone. I would love to hear what life means to all of you. And, of course, I welcome any questions on any topic, which you can send in the comment section or email to

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