I really want to be a movie critic. How can I get a job like that?

–Wanna be a female Ebert (United States)


You picked the perfect time in history to be born. The internet offers a democratization of media that did not exist before. You don’t have to be born into a position like that. You don’t even really have to have connections. If you do know anyone or anyone who knows anyone, though, start by asking them about internships or entry-level positions or other opportunities.

If you don’t, start a blog and faithfully write some reviews of your favorite movies. They don’t all have to be new releases, although at least one or two should be. You can have a “Classics” section or “See it Again” or something. Then write the best reviews you possibly can and post them on a website or blog. These days, there are many blog hosts that are free. Once you get a decent sampling of say ten to twenty reviews up, start contacting some of the big and indie movie companies and ask them to put you on their list for review copies. They might not all respond, but you can build your. Right now, truly, hard work and innovation and your talent can get you everywhere. Once you get at least 10 reviews up, set aside time every day for administrative stuff, marketing, etc., and do it faithfully. You can have the best site ever but you need to spread the word too, including through friends and other connections.

Have fun, female Ebert! 

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