My wife is really into feng shui and wants to tear down some walls in our house and do some really expensive modifications to make it optimally good for us. Do you think this even works or is necessary?

–Doubting Thomas (England)


Although feng shui can be very effective for shifting all kinds of areas in your life, you and your wife must balance what is important to you. Is it possible to start with basic feng shui principles such as decluttering, setting the intention to create what you want, and perhaps implementing small and easy cures such as setting a bamboo plant or a small fountain in the wealth corner or a painting or sculpture of an embracing couple in the love corner? Perhaps you could start with some inexpensive fixes before you make major changes to the structure of your house, which can be both costly and stressful.

Together, perhaps you could notice any gradual changes and then sit down and make a budget or plan for how far you want to take your feng shui improvements and do them in a way that is supportive of your well being and good fortune.

When a family makes major changes (even to create the perfect feng shui environment and layout) that they can’t afford, that in itself is a big stressor to one’s health and well being and wallet, so it’s up to the two of you to decide how to do it in a way that truly supports and nourishes both you and your environment.

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