I belong to a book club and just love all of the people in there, except for one woman, who drives me crazy. She always goes on and on about her opinions, which are really not that interesting or original. She is also very much in her head when discussing the books and misses the whole point of different characters’ actions and scenes, etc. Sometimes I don’t even want to go to the book club, but that’d probably be stupid because I generally have a really good time except for listening to this one lady. What do you think?

–Almost Fed up (United States)


This might be a great opportunity to practice being able to enjoy what you love no matter what else happens or who else is there. Whether it’s a book club or a movie or a friendship, just validate and enjoy the parts you love and see how that starts to increase your enjoyment of everything.

If you like, it might be a good chance as well to look at your matches with the woman who annoys you. Often, when someone really bugs us, it’s because we have within ourselves a similar energy that we don’t like in ourselves. For example, you mentioned she’s very much in her head and sometimes misses the bigger picture in a book. Do you feel like you ever get in your head and miss the bigger picture? Or do you have some other match to her? Use this opportunity to release or transform any old energies in you that no longer resonate with who you are today.


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