I am a single 40-year-old woman. I am considering artificial insemination. Is there anything I should be aware of energetically in this process?

–Curious (Canada)


I would suggest first thinking about what kind of child you would like, what kind of relationship with your child you would like, and what kind of child you could best be a mother to (what you can teach your child and what your child can teach you, for example).

After that, as you’re considering the various potential sperm donors (whether you know them personally or not), use your intuition and gut feeling when you’re choosing the donor, rather than going strictly by what’s written down on paper (sperm donor is a professional, or a scholar, or whatever). Let your heart and your spirit guide you based on the intention you’ve created, rather than letting your mind make the decision based on what it thinks or what’s on paper.

If your heart is set on this path, by all means follow your heart. Blessings on your journey.



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