I’m on all these PTA committees and church committees and other charity and community organizations. I’ve been volunteering for years. Lately, however, I’ve lost interest in all these activities and am feeling cross about any and all of it. What is going on?

–Becoming a Curmudgeon (United States)


Honor your feelings. Either take a sabbatical from all of your volunteer responsibilities or quit them entirely. It sounds like you need to get more in balance, spending time on yourself and your passions and hobbies instead of having all of your energy going outwards to everyone else.

Doing this will help keep you healthy and in balance, and make you even better at whatever activities you decide to volunteer with in the future, should you decide to return to any of your previous commitments. It will also create space for you to do what you want and that might end up helping even more people in an even more effective way.

Give yourself a chance to do what you want and see what happens to your perspectives and interest. You might find this leads you in a whole different direction full of new adventures and delights.

NOTE TO READERS: I invite you to write in with your own questions either in the comments section or by emailing askdalimama@gmail.com.


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