I used to be a very capable, bright, talented, high-achieving person. Then life happened! So I wanna ask: How do you get your motivation/joie de vivre/get up and go/your drive and pizzazz back, when life has kicked it out of you over a prolonged period of unbearable hardship? The rollercoaster of horror is over now and life and I are a zillion times better–THANK GOD–but I want the old fiery me back. I miss her….

Everything I used to touch would turn to gold–big or small. I want to be able to manifest things like I used to–in a nano-second. I don’t mean in a spiritual sense–wish or ask for something and it manifests. I mean through my hard work, which used to be as fun, enjoyable and effortless as child’s play. Now what used to be spontaneously done without a second thought feels like an obligation or heavy chore. Procrastination is where I’m at.

I’m getting worked on by the Entities of Light and Love that work through John of God in Brazil. This is helping immeasurably and they’ve cleaned me up good and proper from depression, etc. They’ve been my savior–for want of a less evangelical word.

Any ideas on how I can help this situation along? Gain momentum and get me, myself, and I back–in all her glory…. I feel the need to achieve big in life again!! Thank you.

–Me, Myself and I (Brazil)


First of all, validate that you still are a very capable, bright, talented, high-achieving person. The joy is still in you as well, even if sometimes it gets a little buried under other stuff.

You are lucky to be getting healings through John of God from the Entities of Light and Love. Sometimes when you’re getting massive healings such as at the Casa in Brazil, in the process of dumping a lot of old energies that no longer serve you, it may temporarily seem even more overwhelming to get things done but remember, it’s just temporary.

Enjoy exactly where you’re at and don’t try to be anywhere but where you are for the moment. If you try to go back to the old joy and the old ways, it creates a form of resistance/effort. Perfectionism is also a form of resistance, as is procrastination. The more you can just be and take little steps towards your dreams, embracing the joy of the present moment, the more you will be able to produce and achieve. Play with this process and play with what manifesting looks like from your new state of being.

I suspect you will be able achieve even more, as well as to resonate in joy as you immerse yourself in the divine flow.

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