I just can’t seem to get over Robin Williams’ suicide. What’s the deal? He spent his life making me and so many others laugh. Your thoughts?

–Sick (United States)


It is often difficult to understand when you see people who brought so much joy to others undergo their own trials, especially despair to the point of suicide.

Great comedians are among the most powerful healers in the world. They help people release pain and anger in a delightful way through ease and joyous release. That doesn’t make them immune from their own challenges, however. Many comedic geniuses (and Robin Williams is obviously on the comedic genius list) have a lot of internal pain and their talents and skills are born out of their own private pain. Also, sometimes comedic geniuses unknowingly tend to take on the pain they help people release.

Also, keep in mind that celebrities are, like all the rest of us, human, with their own set of challenges as well as gifts.

If you believe in a heaven, you can bet Robin Williams is cracking up the angels right about now and is laughing with the best of them.


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