Why do I hate certain colors? Is that an “energetic” thing?

–Green hater (Brazil)


There can energetic reasons that people can hate a color. Sometimes they don’t like the energy associated with a color. This may be from past experience (like maybe someone wearing a red shirt beat them up) or simply a resistance to the energetic vibe of a color (like maybe red always felt a little too intense for them).

Sometimes, too, people are resistant to the energy that has qualities that they need. For example, if they need a little more get-up-and-go-ness and red could help them with that, they may resist its qualities and feel they are too jarring for their current state.

Green is sometimes associated with growth. So it might not be good for someone who has cancer, for example, to be around green all the time. Also, someone who is resistant to taking whatever their next step needs to be might feel resistant to the color green, as just one example.

Play with all the colors and see how you feel and what you experience and what you get from each of them.


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