Is it better to buy a house or to rent? I think we should rent until we’re more financially stable but my wife would really like to a buy a place and this is causing some friction in our marriage.

–Reluctant (United States)


Whether to buy or rent depends a lot on your particular situation and your long-term goals.

Some things to think about: Buying a place can tie you to a particular area and make it difficult to easily relocate if you have a job opportunity come up in a different state or country.

Waiting till you’re financially stable before buying a home makes good sense in any case. Perhaps you and your wife can sit down and make a budget and a plan if you decide to buy a home. If you both agree on what feels financially secure and comfortable, including price ranges of a place to purchase, monthly mortgage payments, savings needed before purchasing a place, that will help you both be invested in the process of purchasing a place and feel comfortable in the plan you have created together to make that happen.


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