I have a friend that constantly schedules with me, then cancels at the last minute. My friend’s sweet and fun but I’m beginning to feel the friendship is not worth it. What are your thoughts?

–Feeling Not So Friendly Anymore (United States)


Well, first you might want to use this opportunity to clear any energetic matches you have with your friend. It sounds like you’re not the type of person to schedule then flake out with your friends. Are you just as reliable at work? Or with family? Or with things that are just for you—like exercise, quiet time for yourself, journaling, staying within your budget, or whatever it is that you need to do just for you? Observe if you have any similar energetic matches with your friend and release them if you want, and call back all your reliability for yourself.

Next, you might want to sit down with your friend and have a talk if you haven’t already. Let them know this habit bothers you and let them know some specifics of how it has inconvenienced you—for example, maybe you turned down an invitation to a concert because you had already committed to getting together with this friend.

You might want to decide on the consequence of this behavior should it recur in the future. For example, in the future, maybe either you’ll only invite them to group parties where it doesn’t matter exactly how many people there are, or maybe you will decide to just use your time and energy getting together with people who keep their commitments to you in the same way you keep your commitments to them.


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