I am trying to start a healthy exercise regimen but just can’t seem to get going, even when I wake up early in order to go exercise. I welcome any suggestions.

–Slug (United States)


This is pretty common when you’re starting out any kind of new program, so keep heart! Do you have any friend/neighbor you can be exercise buddies with? If you’re meeting someone at the gym at a certain time or at the corner to go for a jog, it’s a lot easier to create a habit of healthy exercise when you have to be accountable to someone else who would be very annoyed to not have you show up!

Also, set your exercise to honor and support you and have fun with your body and keep validating it as the blood flows more easily through your body, as your lungs build its capacity, and your energy levels start to change. Set your exercise to validation and for your optimal health, and release any existing energies of “having to” to anything or resistance to the way your body is now.


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