Whenever I have to leave the house, I wonder if I locked the door and I have to go back and check. Or sometimes it’s the stove. Or sometimes I wonder if the house will catch on fire and my cats will be stuck in the house.

–What’s Wrong with Me? (United States)


This is actually fairly common. You might want to consult your doctor, though, and see if you might have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or something else. Perhaps you could meditate, too.

Also notice if you feel like certain areas of your life are out of control (work, relationship, health, etc.) and notice if you are trying to compensate and gain control in your life by keeping on top of other things like the door being locked.

Take this opportunity to take healthy steps to have control in areas you can control. For example, if you are worried about money, set up a budget and a plan to build up your finances. Congratulations on these changes you’re making.


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