I’ve been collecting stamps for years. I used to love it but now it feels like a chore but I can’t seem to stop. What is causing this and why can’t I let this hobby go?

–Stumped (not Stamped) (United States)


Maybe you’ve just outgrown that hobby. If you no longer love it, maybe you could put it aside for a while. Later on, you can either sell it, give it away to someone who will surely love it and keep growing it, donate it, or take it up again if the fun of collecting them returns. If it feels like an obligation to keep it going, either reset the energy for your own fun or give it a break and give yourself permission to take up a new hobby.

Another reason it might be hard to give up is if you are using it to ground yourself, to perhaps release some nervous energy, in which you might want to do some other grounding things like hiking or gardening or whatever else is enjoyable to you.

Perhaps it feels a little scary to let this old hobby go because it’s become so familiar and perhaps even a part of your identity. This is an exciting time to see what other things you enjoy. Have fun!


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