I’m very intuitive and I want to develop my psychic abilities more but I’m afraid of going mad. Is it possible to go mad after opening up to being more psychic? Or am I being paranoid?

–Cautious or Paranoid? (Brazil)


Developing one’s psychic abilities doesn’t necessarily make you go mad but it is important to learn how to manage and handle energies in a safe way. This includes learning how to clean your energy properly before and after doing a psychic reading or a healing.

Also, I urge you to really learn how to ground and to stay grounded before you delve into areas like channeling and other forms of mediumship. If you do not learn this in a grounded and aware and safe space, it can indeed be harmful.

It’s also important to be in sound mental health before really opening up one’s psychic space.

Have fun developing your abilities.

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  1. Divine Conversations
    Dec 17, 2014 @ 17:32:36

    Namaste,For me being a Master Empath Medium & Healer,it was actually fun once i began the journey,I was already doing the energy work with Reiki,but when all the other energies started coming at me all at once my world became more clear to me and how others effect my moods now that could cause anyone to feel some kinda way but God,now i know more than I did when I woke up(crystal gem stone-grounding-earthing,eating right,meditation,yoga,walking ,tree hugger,spending time in nature,sun/moon gazing and now my life is better for doing all of this..Happy trails



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