Recently I just cannot fall asleep easily. Once I fall asleep, it’s ok but the initial stage of sleep is awful recently, It takes so long to fall asleep. Is there any way to improve naturally? The troublesome condition is almost a month now.

—Sleepless in Japan


Have you been under stress? That can affect your ability to fall asleep. Before you go to sleep, set your intention to fall asleep easily and quickly and to get quality sleep and also create an energy bubble and put that bubble up in the sky and move all your worries into that bubble and explode the bubble.

You might also want to avoid caffeine after 3:00 p.m. in case that is affecting your sleep. In addition to obvious caffeinated things like tea or coffee, check other things you eat such as acai or chocolate or weight-loss pills and all kinds of other things may surprisingly contain caffeine, particularly if there is some food or drink or supplement you have added to your routine recently.

You may also try googling “acupressure points for insomnia,” as stimulating certain points on your hands and feet and other places can help you fall asleep.

Sweet dreams, friend!

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